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BREAKING NEWS! Malcolm in the Middle Leaving Netflix!

Just recently news has spread all over the internet about popolar shows on Netflix Leaving such as Malcolm in the Middle and other classics like The Wonder Years. Netflix states that these  two shows are leaving on October 1st 2017.


It is not currently known if these shows or any others that are being removed will come back. This just saddens me as this will cause many problems for me and many others to enjoy watching MITM and other shows as they may not be readily available to everyone. It is a very sad day, and many fans especially in the US will sadly struggle to watch the show. On a side note maybe this will encourage people to hopefully bring Malcolm in the Middle to its entirety to the US on either DVD or Digital.


This news post will be updated as needed if any changes or updates arise.

September 17th, 2017

Bryan Cranston REALLY wants a MITM Revival!

Since September of this past year many of Malcolm in the Middle’s cast has shown a great amount of interest in being involved in some sort of revival specifically Bryan Cranston and Frankie Muniz. Just recently (as of June 22nd, 2016) Bryan has made it even more clear of his efforts to get the gang back together again to hopefully continue the series, in this article posted by the Huffington Post Bryan talks of what his hopes are if the show continues and what may lie ahead. Lets just all hope that with Bryan’s recently powerful stardom in Breaking Bad and other ventures that our wish for a revival will be fulfilled!


June 22nd, 2016

Malcolm in the Middle Video Game!


We recently discovered is a new Malcolm in the Middle video game! The first of its kind. The new game created by Alec Robbins allows you to play as Malcolm, with the object of the game being to keep Malcolm walking in between Reese and Dewey.

If Malcolm fails to stay in the ‘Middle’ then you will have to start all over again. During the game you score points (my high score is 63,000) and if you score more than 100,000 points in the game the sky will start to turn red and the boys will become frustrated that you’re still playing the game! As the game is played speech bubbles pop up referencing the show, a really nice touch. Designed in an ‘8 bit’ style it features an ‘8 bit’ Malcolm theme song. Hope everyone has a fun time playing!

Discuss and post your high scores in the FORUM

October 19th, 2015

David Anthony Higgins (Craig) Interested in a MITM Revival!

Craig_FeldsparI recently was able to get in contact with David Anthony Higgins who plays Craig on Malcolm in the Middle! We exchanged a few words via Twitter. David replied to me when asked  “what are your thoughts are on a Malcolm in the Middle revival?” David said “I would love to take part in a revival!” 

Who knows, with more cast members showing interest the possibility of a MITM revival is even higher! We at MITMVC have been very excited these past few weeks to bring this news, which is the strongest signs we have ever had for a revival. Lets hope for even more news in the coming days and months!

Discuss in the Forum

September 25th, 2015

Malcolm in the Middle Revival?

imageAs many of you may have heard there’s a possibility a Malcolm in the Middle Revival on its way!

Many exciting things have been going on, including Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) expressing interest by posting to twitter “How fun would ‘Malcolm in the Mid-Life Crisis’ be! I wonder what Malcolm and his family are up to now!”

Apparently Frankie isn’t the only one interested, Bryan Cranston (Hal) also seems very enthusiastic during a ET Canada interview Bryan says, “It’s been 10 years since Malcolm in the Middle went off the air. It would be nice to be in that guys (Hals) clothes again!”

So far nobody from FOX/any production company has expressed public interest, but let’s all hope for the best and maybe we could see a revival of some sort be it a movie, episode or even a full season!

Discuss in the Forum

September 23rd, 2015

Superb Malcolm in the Middle intro in LEGO!

[youtube width=”550″ height=”310″][/youtube]

An excellent re-make in LEGO by Matthis Mcfly.

June 30th, 2015

Flashback: ‘Where’s Dewey?’ Teaser Campaign

During the summer of 2000, Fox Television, sponsored by Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Corn Pops, ran a Where’s Dewey? campaign, to capitalize on the Season 1 finale cliffhanger, which showed Dewey getting lost in some strange town after chasing a red balloon out in the streets.

There was an official Fox teaser website with this theme before the start of Season 2 at the now defunct site

Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the introductory Flash animation of this site survives, and we have revived it here as a video:

It was also referenced in a great Entertainment Weekly article, from which this quote is taken:

When we last saw the little guy in May’s season finale, he was chasing a paper bag down a random street after his babysitter, guest star Bea Arthur, suffered a heart attack. (Interestingly, Arthur’s character was originally going to kidnap him, but when Fox became skittish about promoting the story line, the producers changed it to Dewey wandering off. ”Even for us, it’s probably not in the best taste to make light of child kidnapping,” notes [series creator Linwood] Boomer, ”so we killed Bea Arthur instead, for the good of America.”) All summer, the net pumped a ”Where’s Dewey?” campaign, which revealed snippets of the sweet tyke wandering all over the country. Alas, trying to glean any hints from the cast as to his whereabouts was about as easy as persuading Survivor contestants to reveal the million-dollar winner. Witness our chat with boy wonder himself, 9-year-old actor Erik Per Sullivan.

EW: So, how many times have your friends asked you, ‘Where’s Dewey?’
: [Sighs] Quite a few. How many times have I given the answer? Zero. They’re like, ‘Where’s Dewey?!?! We’ve got to find this out!!!’ and I’m like, ‘Can’t tell ya, bud. Tough luck.’

Will you tell me if I give you a really yummy candy bar?
[Leans back in chair, smirking] Nope.

Whaddaya gonna do? The kid is good.

For more info, see this forum thread.

January 16th, 2015

The Malcolm cast at the 2001 NATPE conference

Here’s a little ‘flashback’ treat for you, especially the owners of the French and German DVD sets that are being released right now.

Apparently, French journalist Alain Carrazé, who we know from the S2 DVD release, wasn’t the only one to interview the main Malcolm cast (minus Jane) on camera at the 2001 NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) Market & Conference in Las Vegas.

Malcolm_French_S2_DVD_bonus_NATPE_4_MITMVC_small, “Your Video Streaming Entertainment Magazine”, was also on hand for a brief chat.

Listen how Bryan Cranston calls NATPE “The National Association of Transsexuals and Perversion Exhibitors”, and what they have to say about meeting Bob Dylan and Tom Cruise!


January 7th, 2015

Early radio interviews with Bryan, Justin and Chris from 2000/2001 from PMP Network

mark_snyderWe just found some great, longish old radio interviews with Justin Berfield and Bryan Cranston from 2000, and one with Chris Masterson and a brief one with Bryan Cranston, both from 2001.

They are with host Mark Snyder of PMP Network, based in Randolph, Massachusetts – that’s why you get some references to Erik Per Sullivan coming from the area and such.

They offer some great insights into the early casting procedures, the initial reception of the show, and other productions the actors were involved in at the time. Because they are RealAudio streams, we converted them to mp3, reduced some rumble, increased the volume and compressed the signal here and there, because the interviewees on the other end of the line were often a bit more muffled.

Bryan Cranston interviewed in early 2000:


Justin Berfield interviewed in early 2000:


Bryan Cranston, 2001:


Chris Masterson, 2001:


The source can be found here:

We hope you’ll enjoy them!

January 3rd, 2015

German DVDs of Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm Mittendrin) released in October 2014!


Very good news for our German-speaking fans!

Translation of the German DVD announcement:

Turbine Media Group will finally be releasing the German version of Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm Mittendrin) on DVD on October 24, 2014.

A Collector’s Box with Seasons 1-3 will contain all 63 episodes on 10 DVDs, but each season can also be bought separately. All episodes come with the original English audio and a German-dubbed track. Unlike the French releases, however, the episodes have not been subtitled in either German or English.

The image transfers will be identical to the French versions. A unique feature of these releases is that while all episodes are presented in the original 16:9 widescreen-format, there is also a menu option to reduce them to the 4:3 format in which they were first aired on TV.

The special features for all seasons will correspond to the French releases, so include the original American bonuses for S1 and the French additions for subsequent seasons. These features are all in English with optional German subtitles.

Depending on sales for the first 3 seasons, the following seasons will hopefully come out in early 2015.

Just to make sure, here’s a list of all special features:

Season 1:

  • Pilot episode in extended director’s cut + commentary track
  • Bryan Cranston explains the widescreen version
  • Alternative cold opens
  • US TV commercials
  • Bloopers
  • 45-minute-special documentary about “Malcolm“’s origins (A Stroke of Genius)
  • 3 team-Audio commentaries (160 minutes)
  • Short documentary on Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) (Dewey’s Day Job)

Season 2:

  • Tour of the Malcolm-house by the boys
  • Behind the scenes with the Malcolm-crew
  • Making-of

Season 3:

  • Episode ‘Company Picnic’ in extended director’s cut
  • Interview with series creator Linwood Boomer

Videos and trailers for these releases can be found on Turbine’s YouTube channel, such as:

Season 1 trailer:

S1-3 box set trailer:

German-speaking fans can join a special Facebook page on the series created by Turbine, which will publish various screenshots and fun facts, but also a generous selection of publicity images frequently taken from our site:

The DVDs can be ordered from Amazon’s German branch
Article by Rich




October 20th, 2014

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