After the show was moved from Netflix to Hulu in 2017, the Walt Disney Company has just announced that 20th Century Fox programs will be migrated to its new “Disney Plus” video streaming service. Disney Plus is a response to popular subscription streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, and is the result of Disney’s 2018 acquisition of Fox. According to a tweet published by the official Disney Twitter account: “From The Sound of Music to Malcolm In The Middle, #DisneyPlus is bringing stories of all kinds to one place.”

The new service is planned to launch later this year on November 12th and will be made available to users for a monthly of $6.99 (6.24€, £5.31). Annual subscriptions will also be offered for $70 (62.48€, £53.16). U.S. audiences will be the first to access the service, and Disney has announced that it plans to expand Disney Plus to international markets over the next two years. Featured movies shows will include fan favorites, like Malcolm In The Middle, The Simpsons, all Pixar titles, The Princess Bride, and every film or T.V. show in Disney’s extensive library of content.

Disney’s announcement makes Malcolm In The Middle more easily accessible to fans throughout the world, especially in countries where the series is no longer aired on traditional television networks. Malcolm In The Middle may have even found a permanent home on Disney Plus as Disney, through its 20th Century Fox brand, owns the rights to the show.

Fans may also be able to enjoy other content with MITM’s cast members, like Frankie Muniz in “Miracle in Lane 2” or Bryan Cranston in the upcoming movie “The One and Only Ivan.”