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Happy Holidays!

We at the MITMVC hope you have a great holiday a Merry Christmas (if it applies!) and a Happy New Year! Enjoy Season 3 Episode 7 – Christmas – in full. [coolplayer width=”470″ height=”265″...

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Fan Video Contest!

Create a Malcolm in the Middle based video, it can be about anything related to Malcolm in the Middle. It could be clips from episodes, photos and music, original footage, you talking about the show, music-video, lip syncing (!)...

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Site Update

Just finished updating the site – you will see more information in the sidebar –> Such as latest forum posts, also the look of site is a little more slick, including these short posts.

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Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle VC is the leading site for FOX's hit TV show Malcolm in the Middle with 1000s of members, active Forum, 10,000+ pictures in our Gallery and an FAQ.

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