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Alex Reid (Producer) ABC Deal

Alex Reid is a name some of you may have spotted in Malcolm in the Middle credits as he is the executive producer/writer and eventually showrunner on the final season. He won an Emmy for the writing of ‘Bowling‘ in 2001. He also produced ‘Help Me Help You‘ which starred Jane Kaczmarek (Lois).

Emmy-winning writer-producer Alex Reid has inked a two-year overall deal with ABC Studios.

Under the seven-figure pact, “Malcolm in the Middle” alum Reid will join the studio’s upcoming ABC comedy series “Samantha Who?” as co-executive producer and will develop new projects.

Reid read several scripts this past development season, but the single-camera “Samantha,” written by Don Todd and based on an idea by Cecelia Ahern and Todd, stood out.

“It was a very emotionally written story,” he said of the project, previously known as “Sam I Am” and “Samantha Be Good.” “I feel that this is the direction television comedy needs to go to attract and hook audiences.”


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June 30th, 2007

Malcolm (Not) in the Middle?

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)An Associated Press article mentions Frankie. The article isn’t very flattering, but as usual Frankie provides a funny quote.

MALCOM (NOT) IN THE MIDDLE: TV actor Frankie Muniz isn’t getting high ratings on the track.

The star of the hit show “Malcolm in the Middle” for the past seven years, Muniz is trying his hand at driving this season in the Atlantic series. On Sunday, he spun off the course, wrecked his suspension and finished 24th in the 26-car field.

After six events, Muniz is ranked 28th with four points – just 169 points behind series leader Raphael Matos.

Before Sunday’s race, Muniz, who started 25th, joked that he had a foolproof strategy to win.

“I’m in the back so I’ll just wait for everyone to crash and then pass,” he said.

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June 27th, 2007

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Cleveland Grand Prix Report

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)On the 23-24 of June Frankie took part in the next stage of the Champ Car Atlantic series.

Muniz, driving the #13 Chandler Team Jensen race car, made contact with another car on the race start sufficient to require a visit to his pit crew for a new front wing. His race effectively compromised, Muniz again had an off course excursion while trying to pass another car on track, ending his race prematurely.

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June 27th, 2007

Trying to Keep Kids Just Kids

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Grows UpSome interesting quotes from Malcolm in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer on how season 2 may have been very different if Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) didn’t grow up so fast!

“Malcolm in the Middle” went through its awkward stage early. It was an instant hit for Fox when it premiered in January 2000. However, its 14-year-old star, Frankie Muniz, who was 13 when he shot the first season as an 11-year-old whiz kid, had grown eight inches and his voice had dropped at least an octave before the show came back for a second season that fall. So producers scrambled for an early shoot over the summer, and juggled new story lines for their lead character.
“We realized that a lot of the fourth grade, fifth grade, 10-11-year old stories we had been planning to do with Malcolm we couldn’t do anymore,” said creator Linwood Boomer. “We had to sort of write to his age.”

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June 26th, 2007

Bryan Cranston (Hal) a Top Physical Comedian

Bryan Cranston (Hal) Bryan Cranston (Hal) has been named the 5th best physical comedian on TV by A title that I’m sure many readers agree with.

5. Bryan Cranston – Who is Bryan Cranston? He’s known as the dad (Hal) from Malcolm in the Middle, but astute viewers might also remember him as the “dentist who converted to Judaism just for the jokes” on Seinfeld (”Whatley!”). I realize it’s odd to see Cranston up here near the top of the list, but while doing research (read: watching 6 seasons of Malcolm back-to-back) it goes without saying the Cranston is sitcom television’s most talented and relentless physical comedian of the past 10 years. Granted, the entire television family of Malcolm does an amazing job of beating each other up (and other random characters) but Cranston shines as the most physical of the group. Most notable are his roller skating scenes (in which he reportedly did most of the “stunts” himself), his work in a Dance, Dance Revolution contest and his new hobby of race walking (note the fabulous costumes in each clip). Cranston is an all-around physical comedian on the show, giving a performance that completely defines “hapless boob.” From flustered screaming to girly whining, Bryan Cranston currently holds the torch for best television physical comedian of the 21st century. Since his show has been off the air for a year now, let’s hope Scrubs‘ Zach Braff (16) kicks it up a notch and decides to join a circus.

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June 26th, 2007

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Cleveland Interview

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)Here are the highlights of Frankie’s interview, click ‘more’ below to see the full version.

On Hollywood:

“It’s really hard to explain to people who haven’t fully experienced the Hollywood lifestyle, because from the outside it looks totally glamorous with fast cars, big houses and parties and beautiful women. But it’s really everything but that. It’s a lot of drama. Just the people in Hollywood, I’m happy to be away from them. I’m having such a good time with racing. I want to do this as long as possible.”

On Racing:

“This is a very high level and there are plenty of lower levels I would be at if I wasn’t capable of being here,” Muniz said. “I am about a second off the fastest car, which isn’t bad. Where I’m at driving-wise is if someone who has never touched a basketball got thrown into the NBA. He would suck. He wouldn’t know what he was doing. So I was kind of thrown into the NBA with racing, but I’m doing well, so I like that.”

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June 23rd, 2007

Fan Video Contest!

Create a Malcolm in the Middle based video, it can be about anything related to Malcolm in the Middle. It could be clips from episodes, photos and music, original footage, you talking about the show, music-video, lip syncing (!) – anything really.

All entered videos will be put to a FORUM poll. The top 2 videos will win joint first prize – your video will be featured both in a post like this and have a spot in the sidebar – you can see where it will be – scroll to see ‘Fan Videos’ – coming soon. It will look like the other videos above.

Even if you don’t win just for entering your video will be featured on a special ‘Fan Video’ page of the site – which will be coming soon.

This front page is viewed around 200-300 times a day 1,000 (and rising) so your video will be seem by lots of people.

For more details go to the FORUM.

June 21st, 2007

Bryan Cranston (Hal) to Star on Stage

Bryan Crasnton (Hal)A lot is currently happing for Bryan Cranston, AMC have green lit ‘Breaking Bad’, he’s considered leading man material and now we have news that he will be appearing in the professional theatre of Monmouth University, in a revival of Neil Simon’s Chapter Two.

John J. Burke directs the staging, which features Cranston as a widower author and Cranston’s real-life wife, Robin Dearden, as his new love interest. Their actor pals Bill Timoney and Georgette Reilly play their on-stage pals.

According to the troupe, “In the semi-autobiographical Chapter Two, Cranston plays grieving widowed writer George Schneider, who unexpectedly meets his next match in Jennie Malone — a rocky midlife reawakening based largely on the romance and marriage of playwright Simon and actress Marsha Mason.”

Performances play Pollak Theatre on the Monmouth University campus July 19-29, 400 Cedar Avenue, West Long Branch, NJ. Tickets are $35. For information, call (732) 263-6889 or visit the official site.

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June 21st, 2007

NBC is Not ‘With Stupid’ and Linwood Boomer

As readers may or may not know Linwood Boomer is the creative genius behind Malcolm in the Middle. He has had many other successes, however the US version of the British comedy ‘I’m With Stupid’ is not having the chance to be one of them.

I’m With Stupid (NBC U TV) NOT ORDERED
Exec producers:Wil Calhoun (writer), Ben Silverman, Teri Weinberg, Kenton Allen, Paul Telegdy
Director: Linwood Boomer
Cast: Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, Christopher Thornton, Kevin Daniels, Lusia Strus, Brianne Davis
Logline: An unlucky guy meets a man who uses a wheelchair…and moves into his group home.

Having seen the UK version this is a shame as if done successfully (As I’m sure Linwood would) It could be a success.

Source: | IMDB | Discuss this in the FORUM.

June 21st, 2007

Bryan Cranston’s (Hal) ‘Breaking Bad’ Gets Go-ahead

Bryan Cranston (Hal)Cranston fans will be glad to know ‘Breaking Bad‘ starring Bryan which we reported was close to getting go-ahead – has Variety reports.

Net has also greenlit “Breaking Bad,” the Sony Pictures Television show in which Bryan Cranston plays a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth dealer after being diagnosed with a terminal disease.

With its focus on a sympathetic drug peddler, the script from “The X-Files” exec producer Gilligan had been considered a hot, if controversial, property at the cable nets.

“It’s a surprising show for AMC, and it evolves our definition of what AMC can do. The main character does some things that are surprising and questionable,” acknowledged AMC exec veep of programming and production Rob Sorcher. “But it’s a classic story of one man against the system, and you’re rooting for him.”

Nine episodes will be ordered, Sorcher said, including a 58-minute pilot. Show will go into production in September in New Mexico and likely air in January.

More information on the show in our previous post.

UPDATE: Also staring Aaron Paul ( Mission: Impossible III), Anna Gunn ( Deadwood), Dean Norris ( Little Miss Sunshine), Betsy Brandt ( CSI) and RJ Mitte ( Hannah Montana, Weeds).

UPDATE: New photos.

UPDATE: Video Promo.

Source: Variety | IMDB | Discuss this post in the FORUM.

June 20th, 2007

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