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Archive for August 18th, 2009

Justin Berfield Puts His Calabasas House Up For Sale [Photos]

Justin's Calabasas House For Sale

Justin Berfield put his house on Lorena Drive, Calabasas, California up for sale in April for $3,995,000 but it hasn’t sold and its now listed at $3,495,000. Big Time Listing are pretty certain he paid $3,400,000 for it to former MTV Newlyweds couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey in 2006.

The Mediterranean he hopes to sell is in a guard-gated community and has its own gated driveway. The 6,483-square-foot house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and some grown-up toys: a home theater, an infinity pool and spa, a wine cellar and a bar with indoor-outdoor access. The home has a custom soundproof room that was formerly used as a recording studio. There are travertine floors, high ceilings, four sun decks and views from the master bedroom suite.

In May last year he bought the house where he currently lives, in the Venice area of Los Angeles, for $1,450,000. The reason for the move was to be closer to his production company J2 Pictures/J2TV.

More photos of the house in our GALLERY.

Source: Big Time Listing, The Real Estalker & LATimes

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Justin Berfield’s Cayman Island Film Commission Launches [Photos]

Justin BerfieldFebruary last year we reported that Justin Berfield and his production company, J2 Pictures, where volunteering their time and working with the Cayman Islands Government and local investors to establish an official film commission.

On January 30th this year (sorry late on this news) it launched with a small red carpet event.

See more photos from the event in our GALLERY.

Justin Berfield at Launch Event

Much of the overseas guest list was sourced from J2 Pictures, run by American actor and producer Justin Berfield and his business partner Jason Felts who invited everyone on their contact list. Both are regular visitors to Cayman and have volunteered their time and services to help get the commission off the ground.

Mr. Berfield, who starred as Reese in comedy hit show Malcolm in the Middle, has been filming and photographing locations that can double as “anywhere, USA”, in a bid to convince movie–makers that Cayman is not only all about sand, sea and diving.

He has been visiting spots throughout Cayman in the past two months. “It’s been a great way to see the Island,” he said, as he flicked through images of the Botanic Park for jungle footage and exteriors of houses before taking shots of Walker House in George Town on Friday morning last week. ‘This could be anywhere,” he said, pointing to one large home on his Nikon camera screen.

Asked how film makers might be able to convince audiences they’re looking at America when people drive on the other side of the road in Cayman, he said movie makers have made America look like Europe by blocking off parts of roads and letting cars drive on the other side during shooting. “The set designers in Hollywood are amazing, they can make places look like something entirely different just by changing the lighting or backdrop,” he said.

Mr. Berfield and Mr. Felts are also producing a video that will be shown at the launch in Camana Bay on Friday. It will also be featured online, on CITN and also at the Association of Film Commissioners International trade show in Los Angeles in April.

“Justin and Jason have been coming here for many years, they have owned homes here, their families have visited here and they really enjoy being here.

“In order to raise awareness, they took their extensive contacts list and designed invitation cards and they blasted it out to more than 1,000 people on their list. Not everyone has accepted, of course, some responded and said they could not come, but they know now we are here and doing business,” he said.

The partners in J2 Pictures believe that Hollywood and the rest of the movie industry can be educated to view Cayman as a viable location.

“When the Cayman Islands are mentioned, the entertainment industry thinks it knows what it’s about in terms of visuals. They have seen all the tourism videos and commercials, the travel shows. We are trying to really educate the entertainment industry through the location guide,” said Mr. Felts.

He added that there had been a misconception that he and Mr. Berfield were trying to set up their own film commission in Cayman, but he insisted they were merely volunteering their time and expertise to help establish a commission for Cayman.

He has been coming to Cayman since his teens and introduced Berfield to here in 2002. “We both love the place,” he said.

“Two years ago, we were hanging out on a big trip and we thought what can we do to bring our two favourite loves, the entertainment industry and Cayman together. We talked to Dax about a film commission and said if he needed help, we’d be interested. And that’s what happened,” he said. – Norma Connolly

Source: | Thanks Rye

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Todd Holland says Gay Actors Should Stay Closeted, then Apologies

Todd Holland 2009Todd Holland one of the main Malcolm in the Middle producers & directors caused quite a bit of controversy last month when he spoke on the Taking It to the Streets: LGBT Directors Get Political panel, sponsored by Outfest, a leading gay and lesbian film festival.

“my whole thing about being political is kissing my husband at the Emmys” and “just living honestly” was also a “political thing.” Later in the discussion Todd, citing the extremely competitive nature of the entertainment business, said that when young, gay actors ask for his advice on whether or not they should come out in Hollywood, “I say, Stay in the closet.”

Todd’s advise is based on personal experience, he came out later in life but his brother did so at a younger age and their parents reacted badly. However there was great shock and concern about his viewpoint.

A few days later Holland released a public apology through Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

“As an openly gay man in Hollywood, I know firsthand the tremendous challenges that people throughout the industry face in terms of being open about who they are. For people who know me, they know that I believe it’s important for people to live openly and authentically, and I am sorry for my poorly chosen words at Outfest. At the end of the day, I hope my comments do not prevent us from having honest, thoughtful conversations about the significant barriers that make being an out actor in Hollywood an ongoing obstacle.”

However he does not say he will stop advising young gay actors to stay closeted. Being young and gay myself I have a little insight into this however I’m certainly no Hollywood actor. Coming out should be a personal choice and done when people are ready, however if the people around you or the industry you work in won’t accept you, leave, its their loss.


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Linwood Boomer & the Origins of Malcolm

Linwood Boomer As most readers know, Linwood Boomer is the creator and main writer on Malcolm in the Middle (if you didn’t, even more reason to read on). Not only that but its partly autobiographical especially in the earlier seasons. However details on this are not widely known, so when I stumbled across John Murphy’s post it was a nice read. John went to school with Linwood in the early 1970s and references a 2006 interview with Linwood. Surprisingly Linwood’s experiences where grimmer than Malcolm’s.

At Serra, Linwood was a gifted-but-troubled kid who was on the periphery (read: outcast.) A San Mateo Times story recalled how classmates (or was it a teacher?) dubbed him “Mary” due to his shaggy hair….Linwood hung out in high school with other guys on the fringe. Their hair was a little longer and their clothes a little out of the norm. They were cynical; Linwood described himself as “anti-social” in high school. – John Murphy

Boomer says Malcolm is based on him, but the character is much more well-adjusted than he was in high school.

“I was more self-centered and antagonistic, so basically I took a belligerent jackass and turned him (Malcolm) into a charming eccentric,” Boomer says. “I was a troubled kid with very few social skills and did not connect to the people around me. I was not a sociopath, but I wasn’t social. I was always telling the principal he was stupid and arguing with my teachers. I would be horrified if my children ever did that.”

The full interview below is a must read.

Source: & Roguejourno

Highlander isn’t slumming in San Mateo
by Susan Young, Oakland Tribune, Apr 22, 2006

If you live in the Highlands area of San Mateo and saw a strange man in your front yard, peeking over your fence, we hope you didn’t call the police.

Just last week, when the sun finally showed its face for the first time in ages, “Malcolm in the Middle” creator and producer Linwood Boomer was in San Mateo, cruising his old neighborhood and peeking over the fence to see his old backyard.

“I took my wife and my 12-year-old son and 2-year-old to see it,” Boomer says from his office in Hollywood. “The people were home, and I was going to knock at the door and tell them that I used to live there, but I chickened out.”

He drew upon his memories of living in that house to create the off-kilter family on “Malcolm in the Middle.”

The series shows the home as slightly rundown, so Boomer says his family was a bit taken aback when they saw the tidy neighborhood.

“They were surprised it wasn’t a slum, because of the way I talk about it, but no, it’s just a normal suburb,” Boomer says. “My childhood was not super-happy, so my memories and stories are colored by that, but we were not living in a slum.”

The Canadian-born actor went to Highlands Elementary School, where he was deemed “gifted” and put into special classes. He says that experience is what drove him to write about Malcolm, a gifted young man in a low-achieving family.

“My mom would never tell me what my IQ was, so when I wrote ‘Malcolm,’ I said his IQ was 165,” Boomer says. “My mom then told me that mine was never that high.”

Boomer says he grew into an antisocial teen, first attending Junipero Serra High School, a Catholic school he refers to as a “football for Jesus” type of school.

“It may have changed,” Boomer says. “But when I went there (1971- 72), my hair was about as long as Frankie Muniz’s is now (slightly shaggy), and I was given the name Mary because my hair was so shockingly long.”

He switched to Aragon High School for his junior and senior years, graduating in 1974.

Boomer says Malcolm is based on him, but the character is much more well-adjusted than he was in high school.

“I was more self-centered and antagonistic, so basically I took a belligerent jackass and turned him (Malcolm) into a charming eccentric,” Boomer says. “I was a troubled kid with very few social skills and did not connect to the people around me. I was not a sociopath, but I wasn’t social. I was always telling the principal he was stupid and arguing with my teachers. I would be horrified if my children ever did that.”

Boomer says he decided early on to cop to his past to his children.

“I couldn’t hold myself up as an example of anything except persistence and the ability to change,” Boomer says. “I talked about the stuff I did as a kid and told them to do better than me, behave better and be better than me.”

In the series finale of “Malcolm in the Middle,” Malcolm is named valedictorian of his graduating class.

When Boomer graduated, he didn’t even get a diploma.

“Instead of the certificate in a covered leather booklet, I opened it up and there was a notice saying that I owed the library $23.40 for an earth science book I lost,” Boomer says. “I paid my bill — I was working at Macy’s at the time and making good money, so it wasn’t that — and eventually got my diploma.”

Boomer bolted out of San Mateo and never looked back. He began his acting career on “Little House on the Prairie” as Adam, the husband of eldest daughter Mary, and began writing for TV after that series ended. After a relatively short career in front of the camera, Boomer began writing for TV and eventually sold “Malcolm in the Middle” to Fox.

“I never went to any high school reunions. I just kind of didn’t stay connected to the people there,” Boomer says. “When I moved (to Los Angeles), my grown up life started so quickly and my home is here now. But it was really interesting going back.”

During his recent vacation to San Francisco with his family, he decided it was time to go back to his old haunts.

“I was surprised at what wasn’t there, but was even more surprised at what was there,” Boomer says. “My mom hated to cook, so we went out to eat at Heidi Pie’s about five or six times a week for dinner. I drove past and was happy to see it was still there.”

So did he stop?

“Well, I would have, but when you have a 2-year-old napping in the backseat, you like to keep them doing that,” Boomer says. “If it had just been me and my son, I would have. So I guess I’ll have to go back.”

He’ll have time to do that now that the series has wrapped. Boomer says he even put himself in a cameo for the end.

“The work has been a very pleasant experience. The actors are level-headed and not prima donnas, the writers aren’t lazy and the scripts are always on time and the crew always prepared, so it has been uncommonly pleasant to be part of this series,” Boomer says. “But I’m 50 now, and less inclined to take on the work of a series.”

For a while, he says he’ll just be sitting in his back yard or driving the kids to school, and if an idea hits him, he may do another series.

“I like the job, working in television is easy money and a fairly pleasant way to spend your day,” Boomer says. “So I’ll never rule it out, but I’m not in any rush.”

But what about returning to acting?

“Well, when I did that little bit in the final episode, I remembered two things about my acting: it’s not really as creatively rewarding to me as writing and, more importantly, I’m not very good at it,” Boomer says. “I knew when I was shooting it, and I really knew when I was editing it. If that guy hadn’t known the director/ producer, and in fact was sleeping with him, he would have been fired.”

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Erik Per Sullivan New Photo & Appearance on FOX via Proxy

Erik Per Sullivan at High School Graduation

Last month on our Happy Birthday Erik post, I brought up the fact that the most recent photo of Erik we had was from 2 years ago! Good news, the above photo is from June 7th when Erik graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy (high school), posing with one of his class mates. Its not the best picture, but its the best we have, I’m sure there where many people taking pictures, but this is the only one to surface, thanks to PEA Reunions for taking it and raymanasdf for bringing it to our attention.

Ok, so maybe the second half of the title doesn’t make much sense, but with so little Erik news, I felt this was worth posting. For those who don’t know Erik’s parents run a Mexican restaurant in Erik’s home town of Milford, Massachusetts called The Alamo. FOX 25 visited Milford as part of their ‘Zip Trip’ and interviewed Erik’s dad Fred mainly about the restaurant but also Erik and his graduation, hair and that at the time of filming he was in Barcelona (also a glimpse of another photo from his graduation, but its low quality). Did you know there is a MITM cookbook?


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