Erik Per Sullivan at High School Graduation

Last month on our Happy Birthday Erik post, I brought up the fact that the most recent photo of Erik we had was from 2 years ago! Good news, the above photo is from June 7th when Erik graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy (high school), posing with one of his class mates. Its not the best picture, but its the best we have, I’m sure there where many people taking pictures, but this is the only one to surface, thanks to PEA Reunions for taking it and raymanasdf for bringing it to our attention.

Ok, so maybe the second half of the title doesn’t make much sense, but with so little Erik news, I felt this was worth posting. For those who don’t know Erik’s parents run a Mexican restaurant in Erik’s home town of Milford, Massachusetts called The Alamo. FOX 25 visited Milford as part of their ‘Zip Trip’ and interviewed Erik’s dad Fred mainly about the restaurant but also Erik and his graduation, hair and that at the time of filming he was in Barcelona (also a glimpse of another photo from his graduation, but its low quality). Did you know there is a MITM cookbook?

[flv: 550 400]