Bryan Cranston hold a MITMVC (heart) Bryan sign

During our live video chat with Bryan last week we learned that Bryan was going to be in London, UK filming for his role in John Carter of Mars. As I live in London I jumped at the chance for a possible meet-up, to which Bryan agreed!

I meet Bryan for breakfast at the (rather swanky) Soho Hotel, where we both ordered salmon & cream cheese bagels, his treat! He’d just finished his week of filming, which he said was very successful and that he’d be doing some further work on it in the US later in the year. He gave me this personally signed Malcolm Season 7 cap and I got him to sign some posters and Season 1 DVD!

Season 7 Baseball Cap Signed by Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston Season 5 Promo Signed Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Signed Bryan Cranston Signed The Bots And The Bees Still

We talked about the community, I explained the history of the site and Malcolm fansites in general. He was amazingly nice (not that I had any doubts!) I’m not sure how serious he was but Bryan talked about pitching a reunion of some sort to Linwood and how such a thing might co-inside with DVD releases, it was great to hear he was so enthusiastic about such an idea. He had the ironic idea of Reese being the only successful family member after Hal looses his job, Malcolm drops out of college and Lois is pregnant again! And that they all move in with Reese.

Did you know Linwood approached Bryan about the final The Bots and The Bees scene with Bryan covered in Bees, and when Bryan agreed, he worked backwards in writing how Hal would end up in that state!

Bryan Cranston and TJ

Bryan finished filming Breaking Bad 2 weeks ago and is now taking a well earned break on a motorcycle trip with friends.

I presented Bryan with a ‘thankyou’ card and then he had to leave for his plane home, what an amazing hour! Bryan said that next time he was in the country, he’d be interested in a group meet-up, open to all, we will of course post details on that whenever it may happen – Thank you Bryan!