Last week we had a live video chat with Bryan Cranston, which went amazingly well, many thanks to Bryan for giving us the chance (and 90 minutes of his time) and to all those who joined and asked questions.

I decided to act as host picking questions from the chat, which I think went well, even if I was somewhat nervous (over talking much?) We had a few technical issues and experienced a large delay, which lead to me and Bryan talking over each other at times. Sadly my recording setup didn’t go as planned so I’m afraid to say I don’t have a recording of the whole chat. However many thanks to PeterU who recorded the first 35 minutes (it ends abruptly)

[flv: 550 400]

If you where there, please write up any of the Q&As you recall that didn’t get recorded. I plan to do more chats soon (and won’t let the recordings fail)