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At the start of this year we gave you the chance to ask Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) a question. Thanks to our members there was a great response and Frankie has kindly taken the time to answer as many as he could. He also recorded a special thank you video (above) just for us! That is super awesome Frankie!

As the video confirms Frankie has recently set-up official Myspace and Facebook pages. The thank you video can be found on both these pages.

Read Frankie’s answers

sev1991: What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

One of the best things is being cast in MITM. It took my life on a course where I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and work with amazing people and experience things in life I otherwise may have never had the opportunity to do and see.

Wemboy: You seem to have handled being famous at a young age very well, and have not experienced the problems that some child stars go through. What would you attribute this to?

I just never bought into the whole “Hollywood scene” … I never had the desire to drink, smoke, or do drugs. I’m most happy when I’m spending time with friends, being active.

Wemboy: You play golf and basketball. Do you have any other hobbies/interests you like to do in your spare time?

Other than racing cars (my new profession), I also love playing the drums, bowling, and accounting/Quickbooks (seriously, it’s addicting – haha).

Kimmyob: I saw online that you have a new girlfriend is that true?

Yes, my girlfriend (Elycia) and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

Lucky Maroon: Thanks for putting up with everything you’ve been through mediawise. I really mean it. I would really like to know what kind of music you listen to? My life revolves around it. I’d be so psyched if you were into ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ like me.

I like all kinds of music … some of my favorite artists are Manchester Orchestra, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Turin Brakes, Jeff Buckley, and Kings of Leon.


aquabreez: Are you like your character – Malcolm?

People tell me I look like him all the time. Hahaha.

pepper2000: I am a huge fan of MITM. Malcolm seemed to get more cynical as the show went on. Were you in support of this?

Well, I wasn’t against it. I trusted the writers would take the show in the best direction.

pepper2000: Who is your favorite non-regular character in the series?

Rosanna Arquette is a really great person. We had so much fun shooting the Burning Man episode.

rzombie1988: Were there any really good storylines/episode ideas that ended up being cut from the show?

The writer’s had thousands of good ideas … but it always got narrowed down by the time we filmed (nothing got cut, some ideas just never made it to filming). We only had 5 days to shoot, so there was only enough time to film what you actually see in each episode.

rzombie1988 & Malcolm191095: If MITM had continued, do you know what possible storylines we might have seen?

No, I didn’t know the storyline of each episode until 2 days before shooting when the script was released to the cast. But I’m sure the possibilities are endless with that family!

Gabe & Lozart & Malcolm191095 & Kuper71: What’s your favorite episode/scene/memory from the MITM?

I love the bowling episode and the rollerskates episode!

reese_is_cool: Is Justin as funny in real life as he was as Reese?

We all had fun on and off the set. Justin was always playing pranks, etc. on the cast & crew.

shaharory & Malcolm191095: Are you still in touch with the cast and crew of MITM?

Unfortunately, no. I’ve talked with Chris Masterson and Bryan Cranston a couple times, but we all are busy with new projects & endeavors, so it’s difficult to keep in contact.

vching & aquabreez & Malcolm191095: Do you foresee a time in the future where the cast of MITM would do a reunion show/project?

Anything is possible!

MITM_Fan & TJ & Malcolm191095: Do you know anything about the progress of getting the rest of MITM on DVD?

I know it has been discussed, but unfortunately I doubt it would happen anytime soon.


MalcolmFun: Has the ending of Champ Car disrupted your plans?

My dream was to become a Champ Car driver, so I’ve had to reconsider which series/type of racing I want to pursue. I’d love to stay in open-wheel, but I’m also seriously considering racing in the American Le Mans series too. Racing is something you have to take year by year.

MalcolmFun: Is your goal now to drive the IRL? If so, do you have a plan to gain any experience on ovals or do you prefer to stay in the IMSA sphere and perhaps do American Le mans?

I’ve looked into racing in the IRL and Indy Lights, but the danger of racing on ovals is a huge factor that has deterred me from pursuing it as of yet.

MalcolmFun: Did you ever have a chance to meet Paul Newman and is he someone you would like to emulate? It seems you are perhaps on a similar course in life.

I did get to meet Paul Newman at several Champ Car races, and I think it would be great to have a successful career in many areas like he did (acting, directing, racing, Newman’s Own label). He also gave generous amounts to charity, which says a lot about his character and how selfless he was in helping others.

magic: Is it true that you are considering forming your own Atlantic team for the 09 season?

No, that is not true. I’m very excited to announce that I will be racing in the #77 car for Team Stargate Worlds in the 2009 Atlantic Championship. Check out Stargateworlds.com to learn more about the game!

magic: What is your connection with InXcess Racing?

InXcess Racing is my personal brand/incorporation.

magic: What do you think of the new F2 series?

I know they have a full field signed up already, but there’s no car released … so we’ll see what happens?? It’s going to be an “arrive and drive” series, with there only being 1 engineer for every 4 cars or so. Maybe it will turn out ok, but it’s not for me.


vching & Wemboy & Malcolm191095 & kally lynn & shaharory & aquabreez & MITM_Fan: Do you have any plans to go back to acting? Have you set yourself a goal/date where by you will return to acting?

Right now my priority is specifically race car driving. I’m not currently pursuing acting, but you never know what the future holds.

Wemboy: Is there anyone you particularly admire or would like to work with if you were to do more TV or movie work?

It would be cool to work with John Cusack.

Aaronwhc: Do you have any advise to younger people who want to get into acting?

Stay true to yourself, don’t change or compromise your beliefs/faith/morals to get ahead. Have a backup plan, get an education.

MITM_Fan & TJ: Could you give the fans a scanned autograph?

I will upload a short video clip for MITMVC.

Kuper71: You’ve been successful both acting and racing. Which would you say you were more naturally talented at?

I never took lessons for either, but I would say racing.

TJ: Boxers or briefs?


Wemboy: You should grow back your mohawk, it looked cool!

Hmmm, I gotta clear that with my girlfriend first. Lol.

Some great answers from Frankie, you know who to call when you need your taxes done! Be sure to check out Stargateworlds.com

On the underwear front, Frankie differed from Erik who prefers boxer-briefs – we are slowing working our way through the underwear of MITM, but I don’t think we need to ask Bryan, tighty-whities all the way!