Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey)In January you (the fans) had a chance to ask Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) a question. We had a great response in our FORUM. We couldn’t ask all the questions but everyone had at least 1 question sent to him. Even though he is busy with school Erik has very kindly answered them!

Maddiizz & Lucky Maroon: What are your favorite movies, TV shows and music at the moment?

Erik: Hmm. I wish I had something a little less mainstream to offer, but I don’t watch many movies. I just saw “Juno,” and that was pretty top-notch! As far as TV shows go, I also only watch what is sent to me for Emmy voting. I got a big kick out of “Dexter,” which is really cool, though a touch morbid. Actually, while we’re talking dark stuff, Bryan Cranston’s (old friend/TV father) new show “Breaking Bad,” is really cool. For music, I love jazz, but I’ve been on a Latin kick lately. It’s so fun and high energy, you can’t help but want to bailar [to dance in Spanish] when you hear it!

Lucky Maroon: Who are your favorite actors? are you influenced by any of them? and how many have you met?

Erik: Since I was a kid, I’ve been a big Jim Carey fan. The guy knows comedy. I’m not so sure about serious actors, though. Jack Nicholson seems like the man. I had the great pleasure of meeting the former, but have never met Jack Nicholson.

Nathan Plunkett O’ Brien: Do you find it hard juggling school and your acting career?

Erik: It was getting pretty tough last year and the year before as high school was starting to heat up, but I really haven’t done an awful lot of acting in the past year. I’m going to say that’s probably for the better because I just switched schools and junior year is bordering ridiculously hard.

MalcolmFun: Do you plan to stay near Boston and maybe go to a university? Or do you foresee yourself taking the plunge and moving to Hollywood?

Erik: I’m definitely going to do some more school before I decide what I want to do regarding “the biz.” Boston definitely has some great universities (ahem, Harvard) but I’m just starting the college search.

great1: When you were younger (during season 1 or 2 of Malcolm) you said you would like to step behind the camera one day and direct, is this something you would still like to do?

Erik: I’m definitely still thinking that would be cool. The screen industry is an interesting one, and it would be awful neat to check things out from another perspective.

FunkySkunky420: You played the role of Dewey perfectly is there a little bit of Dewey in you?

Erik: Why, thanks! I think there’s a lot of Dewey in me. I often played Dewey as I would have done things myself, so I bet part of your idea of Dewey comes from my idea of him, which comes from me.. if that makes sense.

cadmiumgold: Do you miss Malcolm in the Middle? and if they did a reunion episode would you be up for it?

Erik: I miss it absolutely. When the show just ended, I would think about it all the time. I still get a little nostalgic when I talk to the guys, and would love to see the whole gang together again.

FunkySkunky420: What is your favorite experience working on the set of Malcolm in the Middle?

Erik: I think the best times were when the cameras weren’t rolling. Bike tag on the lot, golf-cart races.. good times all.

we_dye: You have starred in a variety of roles. Do you prefer comedy acting or drama?

Erik: Hmm. This is always tough. Comedy is always fun, but drama gives you this satisfaction that comes from having worked your way through something tricky. I hate to be indecisive, but I’m going to give you an “I like both” on this one.

DVF: How often do you visit Sweden?

Erik: We have a loose goal of once per year, but I think I’ve been there maybe ten times.

we_dye: If you could go back to any point in history, where would you go and why?

Erik: I don’t think I’ve been asked this before, so props on a creative question. I would love to visit Rome at the height of it’s glory. Now those guys knew how to do empires. Plus, I study Latin, and that would be the only chance for me to try the language out a little bit.

great1: Are you interested in video games, if so which systems do you own?

Erik: I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas last year I think, and my dorm mates and I play some video games. I made a resolution not to play so much, though, and I’m working on cutting down.

Agent23-007: Do you have any or want any tattoos?

Erik: Another new one! It might be nice to get myself a nice big eagle on my chest to show my patriotism. Haha, I kid. I might reconsider when they perfect they semi-permanent tattoo, but for now I’m good!

we_dye: Boxers or briefs?

Erik: Both and neither. Sometimes I go commando, but for the most part I use boxer-briefs.

great1: Once Malcolm ended you started to grow your hair, was this something you have wanted to do for awhile?

Erik: I never had any huge desire to grow my hair out during the show, but once it ended, I really wanted to use the new freedom.

we_dye: Mo is a film about the life of a real person and actual events. Do you therefore feel that you had a bigger responsibility when acting?

Erik: Definitely. Playing a real person made me take it seriously, but especially so because Mo wasn’t a comedy. The film dealt with something serious, and I wanted to do the kid justice.

great1: Do you ever visit fan sites or message boards/forums dedicated to yourself or MITM?

Erik: I actually haven’t been on any of these and really don’t spend any time on that kind of stuff. I might if I had the time, but it seems a little vain. Thanks for the [links to MITMVC].

Many thanks again to Erik for taking the time. And Erik if your reading this, we won’t think your vain if you want to chat to your fans in the FORUM!

Check out the trailer for Erik’s latest project Mo here. And buy the DVD here.

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