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As we have reported previously Jane is starring in a new legal drama Raising the Bar as Judge Trudy Kessler on TNT.

As is now quite common for US TV shows episodes are leaked onto the internet most probably by the studios to create buzz around the series. So we are helping them out by letting you guys watch the WHOLE first episode a month before it airs on TV.

[flv:https://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/video/jane/Jane-Kaczmarek-Raising-The-Bar-Episode-1-MITMVC.flv 550 300]

The show is set to premiere on Monday, September 1st at 10:00pm with 10 episodes ordered so far. Filming started in April.

Also as part of the new series promotion TNT are working with HouseParty.com giving you the chance to host your own party and watch the episode a week before it airs and get some free stuff too! See here for details.

On June 4 Jane appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson promoting Raising the Bar – Watch below.

[flv:https://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/video/jane/Jane-Kaczmarek-The-Late-Late-Show-Craig-Ferguson-June-2008-MITMVC.flv 550 400]

Behind the scenes of Raising the Bar:

[flv:https://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/video/jane/Jane-Kaczmarek-Raising-The-Bar-Behind-the-Scenes-MITMVC.flv 550 400]

Multiple Emmy-winner Bochco and the cast of Raising the Bar – Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jane Kaczmarek and Gloria Reuben and the show co-creator, lawyer-writer David Feige – were part of a panel on the new show.

At the panel, Michael Wright, senior vice president of Turner Entertainment Networks’ Content Creation Group, said that legal, medical and police shows all entail strong characters and conflict, which makes for good dramatic fodder for the network.

To cap her show’s panel, Kaczmarek said that she looks forward to attending TNT events, because of Wright.

He’s so cute,” she said.

TNT had some fun with these badges.

Raising the Bar Raising the Bar

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