MO, Erik Per Sullivan’s latest film is coming to DVD on January 16. We have been in contact with one of the films producers (Monica Lederman) and we are excited to say that we have an opportunity to ask Erik and the films writer/director Brian Scott Lederman some questions.

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MO, an inspirational, stylized independent movie from first-time director Brian Scott Lederman. MO is an amusing, yet poignant true story about a boy living with Marfan syndrome, a serious connective tissue disorder. MO was the centerpiece film at this last year’s Malibu International Film Festival.

Buy the film here on January 16.

Please note: Erik is very busy with school at the moment but we will do our best to get as many questions answered as possible.

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UPDATE: Questions have closed and have been sent to Erik to answer.

UPDATE: Erik has answered your questions here.