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Best series on the planet

I actually don't care if there are mistakes in malcolm in the middle it is still the best series on the planet


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Reese Comes Home

In Reese comes home, you can see that in some shots in a kitchen scene, there is some random kid standing in for Dewey who looks nothing like him.


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In 2x05 Casino, shortly after an explosion, a piece of equipment and a hand is visible at the right of the screen.


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Contradictions in the Series

What contradictions throughout the show, such as the following, have you noticed?
Note: Production errors and mistakes do not belong here.
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Francis Escapes:
Hal - (talking to Francis) "...I've never been dumped."

Family Reunion:
Hal - (confronting his dad) "...when my girlfriend dumped me..."
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Hello I found out that Reese has a suçon on his neck in episode jessica stays over : s7 e05 at 03:46 .
( sorry I dont know the english word for "suçon" : it's the bruise mark you get when somone give you a kiss on the neck and suck it very hard)

i have seen this episode and seen it i had to check 3 times if incase filming went wrong and no after 2 times it was not


I wonder how weird and distracting those widescreen versions can be, as the show was meant for the traditional 4x3 originally. Someone on Tumblr noticed this goof on a Netflix broadcast. You can totally see Erik Per Sullivan's stand-in in this shot from the start of episode 6x01, Reese Comes Home!

Now, that's distracting! It would never have passed the original final cut. There are similar goofs earlier on in this thread of visible crew members, spotlights, mikes and scrims (the screens that deflect or soften the light).

I wonder, isn't there anyone in charge of adjusting the image in case of these goofs, like blowing up a certain part of it, or perhaps do a little CGI?

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From the final of Season 2:

There are tons of these 16x9 'goofs' :)

I watched this cold open in widescreen again, and actually in all the long shots of the boys, you see there is some black screen or plate sticking into the image and slightly moving from the left! You can see that they were going for a sunset-kind of feeling with a low orange spotlight.


It actually took me a few seconds before I finally noticed. :p
In case someone missed it, the 'original' Gameboy goof is from the Rollerskates (1x13) episode, when Reese talks about drugging Lois: "Let's just say, pills and sandwich, not effective, pills and milk, E-fective!".

MITM_fan already reported this in this thread, but I've just uploaded his attachment to our Gallery:

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Army buddy - production mistake
Has any one else spotted the production mistake in this episode?
Its in the scene where Reese is in the closet. The sombrero Malcolm is holding has a little circle foam insert that keeps appearing/disappearing depending on the camera angle. I assume each camera angle was a different take and the hat some how got switched hehe.

watch it and you will see it
From russdx on this thread.


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oh yes i have spotted all of these errors and mistakes and goofs
and thank you for letting me know for any futher ones i think i haven,t stopped all ready


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Here are some contradictions I've found...

We see Francis in the back of a truck stuck with a horse in "Francis Escapes". When he begins working at the ranch, he claims never to have been near a horse you didn't put coins in.

In "Mono", Malcolm says he set the couch on fire in the 5th grade and told Lois Stevie did it. Malcolm didn' become friends with Stevie til the 6th grade.

Piama says in "Monkey" that she's never been off the reservation before. She clearly was for the events of "Hal's Birthday".

A possible one: Piama says in Graduation after the car incident that now she knows what it feels like to change a diaper; but you'd think she would have changed Jamie's diapers in Reese Joins the Army since Lois was...a little messed up. There's the possible explanation, though, that Malcolm had to do it, since everyone hated him at that point AND it was part of his 6-month punishment he got in "Thanksgiving" (assuming RJTA is set in mid-may, he was almost off it.)

Also, that aforementioned punishment included no TV or video games, but I'm pretty sure he's shown watching TV in at least one other Season 5 episode ("Malcolm Dates a Family").

Hal presumably spends all night driving Francis back to military school in "Francis escapes", but just later that season Lois claims the two haven't been apart for one night in the past 18 years.

Another big one---Lois claims she'd sacrifice Malcolm in a heartbeat if it meant saving Reese, even though she supposedly has been trying al these years to do everything in her power to make sure Malcolm becomes president! :w00t:


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There is a Intro where Malcolm and Hal are playing Chess, Malcolm let Hal win and Hal Runs to tell Lois. Then Malcolm looks to the camera and says that Hal always let him win at Basket.

In Episode 3x10 we can see how Hal never let his sons win at Basket.