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    any of you guys watch hollyoaks??
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    Cast Interviews

    i found some info from the skyone website, just interviews with the cast, quite interesting really: i was watching emancipation on sky+ before, and during the ads there was one of erik, (with long hair, looks pretty recent tbh)...
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    Post Pictures of Yourself!

    the joys of the internet hey! im actually from the UK, and live next to Liverpool. when you guys were showing pictures of yourself, like wildcat, yardgames, samboo, etc, a few months ago, before you see the pics, talking on the internet does make you imagine someone, obviously, as youre not...
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    The actual house location. Part 2

    hi all, im back from my vacation and have a few pics of the house, and one of me if anyones interested!!! unfortunatetly the house was bieng painted the first time i went, but i went a second time, so i have pics of both. Enjoy! the first two pics are before, the first time i went, and the...
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    E! News (contains a small spoiler)

    i was flicking over on sky and came accross E! news which had a small review on the ending of malcolm. i missed half the interview as i was flicking, but i am gonna try and catch it again. anyways, they had a small interview with frankie, justin, and erik and frankie was saying how he was...
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    The actual house location.

    i am going to los angeles on 17th may, so i bought a book on things to do and see there. after reading the first page, it mencioned the house location. the house is at: 12334 Cantura Street - "dinky" two bedroomed house sold for $479,000 and the producers pay $3,000 to $4,000 a day to film...
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    Malcolm Set

    Evening all, Well, im just wondering where malcolm is/was filmed. i was always under the impression that it was in the Fox studios (hence it being a fox production) in hollywood, but after reading a few articals today, some sources say that it is/was actually filmed in the CBS studio center...
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    the end for malcolm after reading this, i feel really bad that the filming has finished, and the rest of the eps left are nearing the end of production.
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    Picture of the Standee in Standee

    hi all. i dont suppose one of you 'Great!' guys could do me a favour :rolleyes: well, i forgot what episode it is, but its the one with the cardboard cut out of the black guy, and lois says its racist, and malcolm wont take it down. anyways, the picture lois puts up in the store of malcolm...
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    movie idea

    hey all, ive been thinking the past couple of days that mitm should make a film. now before you interupt me :p , i know we have had this discussion before about making a film, but wouldnt it be nice if they could make a film to finish of the era of mitm. i mean like a last vacation or something...
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    My Band

    Evning all, if you dont mind checking out my bands website, and telling me what you think of the music!? anyways, i would reall appreciate it. cheers chris p.s. im the drummer! :o
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    Bride of Ida Spoilers and Pre-Show Discussion

    i believe there to be a new episode called 'Bride of Ida' that has something to do with dewey and hal in an airport. this information was off ebay as someone was selling a prop, this is there description: Used by Bryan Cranston in episode "Bride of Ida," which has not yet aired! Hal, Lois...
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    hey all, hows tricks, anyways, i was thinking this morning, does anyone here drive, and if so what cars do you guys have, see you all, and merry christmas, chris
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    Many Thanks

    Hi there all, just to say tjpeople is a legend! Many Thanks, Chris
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    Hi there, I dont know if this is posted in the right place, but can anyone tell me whether is down for good, or is it temporarily down? Many thanks.