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hey all,
ive been thinking the past couple of days that mitm should make a film.
now before you interupt me :p , i know we have had this discussion before about making a film, but wouldnt it be nice if they could make a film to finish of the era of mitm. i mean like a last vacation or something to show the end, but make it last like the length of a film..

anyways, i know this wont happen, but it would be a nice thaught if it could be done.


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NO. :) If I've said it once, I've said it twice and I've said it chicken soup with rice. MITM should not make a movie because it would ruin the splendor of the show. If all you want is an episode the length of a movie, then watch Reese Joins the Army. As it is, I'd like to see creative new ideas in the last moments of the show. :)


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I regreatfully say i have to agree with Sam, it would be nice, cuase like arhhh! need more mitm on the other hand im like - it wont work.


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i think it would be good if they could make one like just to round off the whole mitm make a 2 or 3 part episode but have it all put together as a feature length film. :) i dont see it happening though.....


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Id love to see a movie of MITM, BUT I don't think any studio would make one, because it probably wouldn't make any money at all. That's all those studio bastards are worried about.
On the movie note, Im not trying to exalt myself in any way, but some people actually nominated my "Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!" fanfic to be the base for a MITM movie. That's pretty cool!:D


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I dunno maybe they shoul put 2 episodes together to create an hour of Mitm to finish it all of with like(what one of you said earlier) a holiday or maybe they have a family competition in the neigbourhood and they enter their family and have a family day out with a pic nic and they win or something.
Dunno my imagination was in overload then...


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I love that idea!!! But I doubt it will ever happen! But then again really bad shows like Lizzie McGuire got a film so why can't mitm?:confused:
They would have to be going on a big holiday somewhere and everything goes wrong or something! Like if Hal won a trip to somewhere like the carribean and they get on the wrong plane or something...
Loads of ideas:D ...
I really would love to go to the cinema and see my favourite show on the big screen!!! And we're the fans so if we keep saying it they should listen!!! And the same with the dvds we should complain and make them release them:Angry:
But if we never get a movie an hour long special of the show would be still really good!!! Whatever happens it better go out well cos I'm gonna miss it:Sad: