Malcolm Set


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Evening all,
Well, im just wondering where malcolm is/was filmed.
i was always under the impression that it was in the Fox studios (hence it being a fox production) in hollywood, but after reading a few articals today, some sources say that it is/was actually filmed in the CBS studio center, studio city.

the reason i am asking, well i was trying to find an arial view of the house they reside in (when filming outdoor scenes), but i couldnt find anything. so i done a search of where the house is, and aparently it is near the san fernando valley. but i always assumed the actual studio was in the fox studio, but a source tells me it is filmed in the CBS studios.

im a bit confused at the moment,

can anyone please clarify where malcolm is/was filmed.



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Correct, the house set is in Studio City. When they started filming, the Fox studios were filled, so they rented the space from CBS isntead and have never moved to the Fox ones.