You may be surprised to hear but Frankie Muniz and Justin Berfield have their own iPhone apps, but the excitement should end there. A company called Arctic Gerbil Creations has produced a “SupaFan” application for each of them. It costs $0.99 (£0.59) I bought one so you wouldn’t have to. Frankie and Justin have nothing to do with them and they are essentially generic aggregators of information from the internet. Little effort was put into them, it just pulls in Google News/YouTube/Wikipedia results for them, it doesn’t even display it that well. Don’t buy it. Everything it offers can be accessed for free via the Safari browser with a nicer interface. You can see more screenshots in our GALLERY.

Frankie Muniz SupaFan iPhone App Frankie Muniz SupaFan iPhone App

Source: iTunes Store