Bryan is currently filming the second season of Breaking Bad.

My character is well into his chemotherapy, I lost 17 pounds and shaved my head. This is what most actors dream about.

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He did an Interview with AMC Breaking Bad Blog about filming the second season.

Q: Did you ever have doubts that Breaking Bad would return for a second season?

A: Like the nomination itself, I just try to focus on the things I can control. So I leave it up to the TV gods to decide what the outcomes of anything should be, and I was hoping we would get a pick-up because the pilot and the first season were very compelling drama. And a lot of people get the dark humor — we’re getting the kind of avid fan base that can’t wait to see what happens next, and that’s what you want.

Q: How does it feel to be back on set after the hiatus?

A: It was six months ago that we finished the last season. So it does take some getting used to, remembering faces of your crew members. But once you get past the newness of that, it’s like slipping into a pair of old comfortable shoes. We know we’re going to be in good hands with the writers and crew.

Q: Season 1 was cut short by the writers’ strike. Did this give Vince an opportunity to re-evaluate where the story should go?

A: He had an idea of what he wanted to do for the two episodes that we didn’t get to. And because we didn’t get to it, all things wash out. It ended where it ended, then he gets a chance to re-evaluate it, think about it over the hiatus and now look at an arc of thirteen episodes as opposed to six. And of course it changes things.

Q: Where would you like to see the show and your character go in the future?

A: I think eventually I’m going to die in this show, and rightfully so. [Laughs]. I deserve it. In the meantime whatever happens, happens. But we can’t accelerate a storyline in order to think that we only have this season to tell it. I do know that because of the conditions of the character and what has been established already and what Vince has already stated is that he wants to have a show where your lead character changes. And as he semi-jokingly puts it, he wants to turn Mr. Chips into Scarface. Maybe not that drastic, but interestingly enough not all that far away.

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The Breaking Bad cast and SAG hosted a public event to talk about their experiences in the industry and filming in New Mexico on October 25.

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