A few of those who were writers for Malcolm in the Middle have been featured in news articles during the term of this WGA (Writers Guild of America) Strike, or have posted their own articles or blogs on the subject. David Sacks and Jay Kogen are two such individuals.

Reuters reported on January 10th that Writer David Sacks is finding time between his current executive producer duties on Comedy Central’s The Root of All Evil to pen “Vigfus,” a parable about Vikings who end up in modern-day New York and find the city too gentle. “It has been a great outlet during the strike,” said Sacks, who with his writing partner Brian Ross recently turned in a second draft.

Writer Jay Kogen have wrote a long letter on January 6th to those taking part in the strike as well as the strike’s supporters. He speaks to the writers about how they should not listen to the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) until they are ready to deal, which he believes they are not at this time.

For more information and an overview of the WGA Strike, check out the entry in Wikipedia.

Source: Reuters, Fans For The WGA | Discuss in FORUM