An update on Bryan’s official site:

So you say you want to make a movie?
I’m working with the Internet web site to develop a short film. We’ve decided we want to make this short film in the Horror genre, and we’re looking for ideas.

It’s actually a contest. If you send in the ideas that we use, you can win cash and prizes.

Contestants can enter at any stage of the contest. Right now we’re at Stage One: The Pitch. THE DEADLINE FOR THIS FIRST PITCH IS OCTOBER 31 MIDNIGHT.[The deadline now seems to be in around 3 days] The deadlines for the following phases will be announced at a later date.

I’m the project’s showrunner. That means I’ll be coordinating the contest and writing the final script. If my schedule permits, I’d like to direct the short film…maybe even act in it.

The finished product will be broadcast on It costs nothing to enter the contest. Please check out the site and go to “fright site.” If you’ve got a scary idea, I want to hear it!
Happy Haunting,

An amazing opportunity for any writers!

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