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September 10 from 12pm-8pm, FX (US) will launch the newly acquired sitcom Malcolm in the Middle with an 8 hour marathon. The newly acquired series will air Monday-Friday in the daytime throughout the week….
The FX weekday schedule starts at 7am on the September 11 with back to back Malcolm in the Middle, followed by double shots of Dharma & Greg and Spin City. At 10am it will be the FX mid-morning movie. At noon we get a double take of Married with Children, followed by two episodes of King of the Hill, Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill, and That 70s Show. At 5pm a movie airs until 8pm, unless a movie is only 2 hours, then the movie starts at 6pm. If that is the case, then from 2-6pm we get an hour each of That 70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill, and more That 70s Show….

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