Kevin Bacon has started up a new charity website with a difference. SixDegrees.org is “social networking with a social conscience” The name came from the long running game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

First celebs to sign on were Bacon’s Connecticut neighbors Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford.

“It seemed like a natural, neighborly thing to do,” says Kaczmarek who, along with Whitford, founded Clothes Off Our Back, an online charity auction house for all those Valentinos and Versaces that only get a one-time shot on the red carpet.

At the site you can see the charities celebrities are supporting and can add badges like Jane’s to the left on your website, MySpace, blog etc. You can also create your own badge for the charity you are championing.

If you can why not help out Jane’s charity ‘Clothes Off Our Backs‘ by adding her badge anywhere you can. Click on ‘Add This Badge To Your Site

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