Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Grows UpSome interesting quotes from Malcolm in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer on how season 2 may have been very different if Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) didn’t grow up so fast!

“Malcolm in the Middle” went through its awkward stage early. It was an instant hit for Fox when it premiered in January 2000. However, its 14-year-old star, Frankie Muniz, who was 13 when he shot the first season as an 11-year-old whiz kid, had grown eight inches and his voice had dropped at least an octave before the show came back for a second season that fall. So producers scrambled for an early shoot over the summer, and juggled new story lines for their lead character.
“We realized that a lot of the fourth grade, fifth grade, 10-11-year old stories we had been planning to do with Malcolm we couldn’t do anymore,” said creator Linwood Boomer. “We had to sort of write to his age.”

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