Bryan Cranston (Hal)Cranston fans will be glad to know ‘Breaking Bad‘ starring Bryan which we reported was close to getting go-ahead – has Variety reports.

Net has also greenlit “Breaking Bad,” the Sony Pictures Television show in which Bryan Cranston plays a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth dealer after being diagnosed with a terminal disease.

With its focus on a sympathetic drug peddler, the script from “The X-Files” exec producer Gilligan had been considered a hot, if controversial, property at the cable nets.

“It’s a surprising show for AMC, and it evolves our definition of what AMC can do. The main character does some things that are surprising and questionable,” acknowledged AMC exec veep of programming and production Rob Sorcher. “But it’s a classic story of one man against the system, and you’re rooting for him.”

Nine episodes will be ordered, Sorcher said, including a 58-minute pilot. Show will go into production in September in New Mexico and likely air in January.

More information on the show in our previous post.

UPDATE: Also staring Aaron Paul ( Mission: Impossible III), Anna Gunn ( Deadwood), Dean Norris ( Little Miss Sunshine), Betsy Brandt ( CSI) and RJ Mitte ( Hannah Montana, Weeds).

UPDATE: New photos.

UPDATE: Video Promo.

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