Frankie Muniz in Stay have had a steady stream of comments on one of their posts about a possible Stay Alive (Horror movie starring Frankie Muniz) video game. Currently it’s all rumours nothing solid, but there has been a lot of interest since DVD release with people wanting to get their hands on the actual video game, which comes to life and kills various shrieking protagonists in the movie.

[the game] doesn’t exist, unfortunately – though one commenter does point out a Yahoo Video Games post, explaining that movie co-creators William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman and Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski “…created a game design document for a Stay Alive game. While the game only exists as CGI in the movie, which was done by Pixel Liberation Front, the team does have a real game design document that they can use for a second film.

I’m not holding my breathe – as much as I would like to help Frankie escape death! See the movie trailer below.

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