I'm re-watching the series with my little brothers and sisters (in the weekends)

I was hoping to catch DETAILS, and as I was correct, I will try and make a video in the far future by compiling these evidence of Hal's job which is pretty funny.

On 5.05 "Malcolm films Reese"

1-There were closed door meetings

2-Hal pulled the jacket up for Mr. Fortinberry (who looks like a high-level company man) who was being escorted by security. It seems he was going to jail

3- The company is put under investigation by the government according to 5.07 "Christmas Trees"

4-The CEO channeled the pension fund to his girlfriend's STUDIO!!!!!!

5-The CFO (Chied Finiancial Officer)'s dog was part of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, let me repeat that a DOG was part of the company. Not only that Hal had to C.C. him every memo and documents. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

Basically the dog had an email and when Hal sends an email to his boss he also sends the dog an email, how the hell did this company operate.

on 5.07 "Christmas Treese"

6- Hal was forced to have a 2 weeks FORCED-VACATION WITHOUT PAY, according to him "so the board members can shred the documents in peace"