The Secret Corporation.

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I'm re-watching the series with my little brothers and sisters (in the weekends)

I was hoping to catch DETAILS, and as I was correct, I will try and make a video in the far future by compiling these evidence of Hal's job which is pretty funny.

On 5.05 "Malcolm films Reese"

1-There were closed door meetings

2-Hal pulled the jacket up for Mr. Fortinberry (who looks like a high-level company man) who was being escorted by security. It seems he was going to jail

3- The company is put under investigation by the government according to 5.07 "Christmas Trees"

4-The CEO channeled the pension fund to his girlfriend's STUDIO!!!!!!

5-The CFO (Chied Finiancial Officer)'s dog was part of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, let me repeat that a DOG was part of the company. Not only that Hal had to C.C. him every memo and documents. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

Basically the dog had an email and when Hal sends an email to his boss he also sends the dog an email, how the hell did this company operate.

on 5.07 "Christmas Treese"

6- Hal was forced to have a 2 weeks FORCED-VACATION WITHOUT PAY, according to him "so the board members can shred the documents in peace"


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I'm also re-watching the entire series. (almost at the end again. :( ) And I also noticed all these little things. Makes it even funnier.

Dewey Muhammadov

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I'm also re-watching the entire series. (almost at the end again. :( ) And I also noticed all these little things. Makes it even funnier.

You are right , this is the beauty of Malcolm in The Middle, those little nitbits. But of course the show doesn't want us to focus on "external things" it's all about the family and comedy.

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More things to come by:

Back to 5.05 after re-watching it again more information re-surface

■ Hal plays Tetris all day long the scene were Dewey comes home and Lois talks on the phone and thinking the company will merge but instead FBI was investigating

On 5.09 titled "Dirty Magazine"

■ In the break room/lunch room, someone is reading a newspaper Business one headlines read " S.E.C. expands probe into C.O.G."

S.E.C. stands for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. I bet the company Hal works for is C.O.G. bad news are everywhere in Season 5.
S.E.C. is a is an agency of the United States federal government. It holds primary responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry, the nation's stock and options exchanges, and other activities and organizations, including the electronic securities markets in the United States.

I love the writing from MITM for doing these little hints, sad that I'm appreciating after it finished when I'm grown up. This episode was directed by Bryan Cranston. SO F.....ING COOL.

Also there is an article beneath the article but you can only read the title of it saying "Unemployment rises higher this year", I feel as a viewer I can get a understanding the economic environment of MITM at that year.

■ Someone guy came to the room and told Hal. I can't hear very well but he said "The plant water ...(something) is going to testify against SCC" in which HAL replies "OH MY GOD they are going after everybody".
This indicates to me not only this foolish company is going down but the U.S. government or the Plant Water thing is going hard on everybody.

■ The same guy says "The new supervisor starts today, she is only here to make cuts and fire people.......LOTS of people, OH MY GOD here she comes", Hiring a new supervisor indicates putting new blood in the company after their failed employers, it might also indicate the guy who was fired in the previous episode was the Supervisor but who knows.

■ The new supervisor admires Hal's confidence in not running away from her, which was actually wrong Hal is waiting for his food in the microwave. She flirts with him a lot, which is a subject of a plot in this episode. But I feel Hal never cheated. Who knows

■ At the last part of the episode, Hal confesses to the new lady that he doesn't find her attractive and he told his wife about this and Lois was okay , this indicates how the situation is dire and that Hal needs this job so the family can survive. The lady remarks that she won't fire him, but she was supposed to but some guys in the department were indicted
So she can't fire him. it seems the issue is not only about the company heads or the elite but also many departments.


on 5.13 titled "Softball"

■ Reese comes in bragging about how he is good at his job, while Hal replies to himself "Glad someone's career is on track, my company may not exist in a month" I love the foreshadow to the future episode, we will talk about it later.

After that Lois replies to Hal saying "What does Nate have to say? He is usually pretty level-headed" Sounds like Nate is a good guy and someone to talk to and not some corporate sell-out as they say.

In which Hal replies with a Poker face "Nate faked his death and left the country" so yeah Nate is a corporate sell-out and not a level-headed guy, sounds like he has enough resources to flee the crime scene it is amazing how Hal is still with the company after all this from the beginning of Season 5 till now (Half-way through season 5).

■ YES YES YES. I WAS CORRECT before the company is called C.O.G.
in this scene (5 minute mark) a guy can be heard from a microphone saying "attention C.O.G. employees, immediately following the funeral of district manager Kelsey all windows and doors in the third floor will be sealed" .... "Repeat all windows and doors will be sealed"

WAIT A SECOND did he commit a suicide. I'M LOVING EVERY BIT OF THIS.
At the same time you can see a man packing and leaving, you can feel the emptiness of the place. Only low-key people are still there. After couple of seconds at the same you can hear the mic guy you can hear a guy sitting next the cubicle of Hal on the right of him saying on the phone "That it is the base pay??? and there is full dental? Sounds good !! Where is the interview....." and he writes it down " UH HUH! Thanks I owe you one" he puts it on his right drawer" He leaves Hal comes by and writes it down on his hand.

■ Hal goes home telling Lois that he will be doing the interview 3 days before of him saying "Nick won't have a problem finding a job the guy is a ex-NAVY-SEALS"

WHAT THE F**K. This actually might indicate C.O.G. support for Veteran in getting job maybe, Hal then argues how un-ethical it is but Lois replied firmly "Hal you have a family, go in for the interview" I'm actually weird looking at the righteous and holy-than-thou Lois not giving 2 cent about ethics, especially with her arguments with Malcolm.

■ Hal goes for the WEIRDEST INTERVIEW I HAVE EVER SEEN,NO COMMENT you should go watch it.


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Wow great attention to detail!! I wish i could follow things in writing like all you guys seem to do but i just don't have the patience. It's still great to read though!

I think the interview Hal went to was really funny and clever.. It made me want to know more.. It's like shedding humour on our government's secretive operations and extent of their power (the dissappearing building?!), and guys with glasses and bags over heads and everything if i remember correctly haha!