New Forum Design


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Some of you love it, some of you hate it, lets have all your opinions (constructive please). If you don't like something, or think something is better, we need to know. Does something still need tweaking, or is the old style better.

Do you prefer the disjointedness of the old site, or the more intergrated look of this design.

Are the two menus confusing.

Tell us, your opinion could mean this template being removed inplace of the old.


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The menu is the same everywhere, but everything else is still quite disjointed.

I don't mind the new menu, its order just seems a bit unintuitve, but that's just because I'm used to a different order; I can get used to that. What irks me is the two menus in the forum, there must be a better way to integrate vBulletin with your menu?

Like I said, the menu unites everything, and I like it better than the one on the main VC that requires me to scroll right, but everything else still has its own color scheme. The Gallery has the menu, but everything else about it is still different. You have two different multimedia sections, depending on whether you launch it through the forums in the main VC.

Basically, you have a whole bunch of stuff that's difficult to integrate into one, because it was all designed differently. For ease of use, you may be best keeping it "disjointed," but it's difficult to say until I could see the main VC and forums look alike, because if you can make them look remotely alike, then just adding the menu may be enough for the rest of your stuff.

Appanah hit it on the head when he said it was your site and you can do what you please, but those would be my thoughts. By the way, thanks for fixing the chat room.


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All the "replica" pages on the MITMVC will be removed, and their links redirected to here. Basically we are still in a transition stage, I cannot do much more while they are still on different servers.

The maximum intergration that will happen at the current state is the forums, and the main MITMVC on different templates, they are almost impossible to intergrate currently.

It may be my site, but I don't design it for myself - its important to make sure you guys can use it efficeintly, and that those of you with 800x600 can use it as well as those with 1024x728 etc.


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i just like it, i don't know what it's exactly, but it certainly looks better then before. well done:)


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I liked it when you made it wider from a couple days ago, when it was skinny and compact.

Those two menus are something I can live with, but it's a little distracting sometimes.

I think it would look better if you moved the little ad-thing up past the original menu, and just below the one on the top. Maybe it will flow better.


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I have alot of negative/positive feedback about the new designs, and really I can't please everyone as much as I may try!

The current banner I hope everbody is happy with, the menu I am afraid you'll have to live with :D

I have widened the format so they should fit browsers better, and the 1024x728 people aren't penalised by the compatibilities for the 800x600 people.