MITM F.A.Q Development ON HOLD

I have thought about that and although it has some good points I think getting just a basic FAQ and (new) episode guide is the best way forward. Of which people can of course contribute towards.

Also a wiki section would make the site look more disjointed - which i want to avoid.

I think we should have a seperate Wiki site that could be under the supervision of MITMVC

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I've been looking around the forums for more questions to add to the FAQ but can't really find any. Does anyone know a place/website where I might find more questions to answer and add to the FAQ?

I can then also post ways to organise it too :D

So far, I am going to answer:

"Did Lois kill Claire?"


"Which Family Guy episode was Malcolm in the Middle featured in?"

But if I could find a few more so I can add it in bulk
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Staff member is full of FAQ's. If you haven't seen it.

Malcolm france have a good faq section, which we can steel from (don't worry we are allowed :) ) obviously in french. You can see google translation here.

I think we should have a seperate Wiki site that could be under the supervision of MITMVC

It's been suggested before. I'm not anti wiki by any means, they are great.
However there are a few drawbacks, there isn't a great solution that integrates with vbulletin (the site software) also consistent design would be tricky too. It may happen but I've got other things higher up my list to sort first. If anyone wants to add something and wishes there was a wiki for it, just create a thread and go wild!
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The following questions are a combination of some from Malcolm France and some from Imdb, also a few other questions I picked up when researching.

Q: Which Family Guy episode was Malcolm in the Middle featured in?

A: Episode 21, Season 4 - “I Take Thee Quagmire”

Q: Why isn’t Francis in every episode in Season 6 and 7 like the previous seasons?

A: We know that the character of Francis looses significance in the final two seasons, but we never know why. It could be due to the writers loosing enthusiasm in his character, or simply wanting more time for the main body of the family as Dewey’s character became more prominent. Or it could simply be that Christopher Masterson wanted to spend time on other projects.

Q: Is it true Frankie Muniz dated Hilary Duff?

A: Yes, it is true that they dated a short while from late 2003 to 2004.

Q: Who else did Stevie’s Mom play as?

A: Stevie’s Mom was Malcolm’s “Ordinary class” teacher in the pilot episode before Malcolm moves to the Krelboyne class, she then came back later in episode 6, “Sleepover” to play as Stevie’s mother (and continued that role in further episodes).

Q: What happens to “Victor”, Ida’s husband?

A: We never know exactly how, but in Episode 7, Season 3, “Christmas”, we find out that Victor dies. Lois is telling Francis (over the phone) to visit Ida because “it is her first Christmas since Victor died”.

Q: What happened to the Krelboynes such as Lloyd and Dabney as the seasons progressed?

A: When Malcolm reaches high school, we know that the Krelboynes are released back into ordinary classes (the special class course probably only goes up to high school then disbands). In high school, it is usual for previous friends to separate and fade, which is exactly what happened in Malcolm in the Middle.

Q: How old were the actors who played the kids when they were first casted?

A: Erik (Dewey) was 8. Frankie (Malcolm) was 14. Justin (Reese) was 13. Christopher (Francis) was 19.


I will be adding more soon, and suggesting a way of organising the questions.

I'm thinking of "Production", "Actors" and "Plot" (as in, questions asked about what happens in the story line). Still thinking.

Sound good so far? :p
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Looks good to me. Your thinking of re-organising so I'll add the new questions then.


Actually, MITM has been aired by no fewer than 6 channels in the Netherlands (Fox, V8, Net5, SBS6, Veronica and now Comedy Central), all at different episodes and showing times, which was so frustrating I gave up altogether!

I can't imagine any country making a bigger mess of it! Thank God I'm at peace now ;).


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Tj, in addition to your "What is their last name" answer, I found an interesting Q+A on Bryan Cranston's FAQ.

"In the original script for the Malcolm pilot, the family had a last name (which I won't mention here) but which was subsequently discarded to add a sense of mystique to the show. Have there been any discussions amongst the cast, writers and creater Linwood Boomer to eventually stick the family with a surname, or is the plan to keep that an enigma?"

Bryan Cranston:
"Good observation. In an early draft of the pilot there was a last name listed but was soon discarded. We like to kid around when asked that question. Our response is "our last name is Nolastname". You can figure it out."

"What is the surname of your family in malcolm in the middle?"

Bryan Cranston:
"Our family surname is NOLASTNAME...
Thanks for watching Malcolm,"

Just thought it was interesting mentioning. :p It seems they always joke about the last name when asked, saying it's "nolastname" which proves that they never intended to have a surname after it was discarded.
I think we should add that Christopher Kennedy Masterson directed the episode Hal Grieves, though that was one of (maybe the only) episode he didn't appear in.