Make your own Lois Punishment!!


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Reading a tread about Lois Punishment i think we should have a Thread to make your own Lois Punishment so here we are:

Make the boys sleep on objects like deweys toys not pillows :p


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@Gozatron- I've slept on a trumpet before. It wasn't too bad, once you moved some of the slides out of the way......

Maybe forcing them to eat couch lint... I'm not very good at non-violent punnishment. :D


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Shaving Hal... Now that's a punishment!
Another Lois punishment could be making the boys sleep on their floor instead of their beds.


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Well, looking at all aspects, and watching the episode Old Mrs. Old, Malcolm hated rubbing out corns, so make him do that, for Reese the best thing seems to be to take away his cooking, and for Dewey take away his piano.

For Hal, take away sex :D


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That would have made for a great episode. Lois being so mad at Hal, that she refused to have sex with him. Can't you just imagine him going insane... again!?:D


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Re: make your own lois punishment

LOL I already said that one but I still love it! Welcome to the forums!:)