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Thought it could be interesting to introduce myself here, since I recently joined. :)

I'm Sebban, a tiny teenager living in France, and a (new?) fan of the series. Having watched it when I was a little kid and forgot it afterwards, I recently stumbled upon it recently on the TV, and was litteraly captivated and fell in love with it.

Looking for some information, I found this amazing community and thought I could join it. And here I am. :)

I can only realize that there isn't much people still active, but I hope there still are some veterans around here.
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Hi Sebban,

A warm welcome to you, and thanks for your nice introduction! :D

I guess I'm one of the veterans around here you are talking about! ;)

Are you also part of the Malcolm France community, our French partner site? And did you get the French DVD set that is currently being released?

Best wishes,



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Thanks for your replies. :)

I am not part of the Malcolm France community, as it is impossible to join it at the moment, though I'll try to do it later.
No, I didn't get it already, and I don't know if I'm actually going to. :mellow: