Do you like frankie's films?

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First of all, right now Frankie is at a really tough age for acting. He's 19. I have a friend that's 20 and an actor. When he looks for acting jobs, they usually ask for teenagers, or people over 21. 20 is a forgotten age. Another big problem is that Frankie has become a title role actor. He is the main character in everything that he does. It's hard enough for a 19 year old to get a role in an adult movie, it's even harder to get a main character role. Actually, I think a horror movie is a pretty good transition movie. It would have to be that or a teenager-trying-to-get-laid comedy, and those are always pretty awful too. But horror movies are usually aimed at teenagers or people in their early twenties. It might work.


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Pretty simple formula: if you like Frankie/Malcolm, you'll obviously like his I do. He's never been in a movie masterpiece but I think everything he did was quite entertaining. My favorite movie I would say is "My Dog Skip"..nice, decent and well-played. In my opinion he should do more "drama-like" movies, the horror genre is quite a risky business (I know what I'm talking about, besides all my devotion to MITM, I'm a big fan of that genre...I've seen a lot of the movies and I own a lot of interesting ones :D )

Frankie taking this step won't put him back at all but unfortunately it won't put him forward, either. That's my thought. :(