Bride of Ida Spoilers and Pre-Show Discussion


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Re: Summary "Brides of Ida"

Here's the link to Justin's official forum
I don't see the post where he talks about Reese getting married and it probably being the final seaon though.

Reese getting married isn't a bad idea (if it is the final season), but I'd rather it be in or near the last episode. I'd rather see him interacting with the family as normal in the little time we have left, rather than getting adjusted to married life and having plots that are completely separate from everyone else's (e.g. Francis).


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Re: Summary "Brides of Ida"

Thanks, Watch exactly is safesearching site/forum? is it run by the star's agents or is a fan run? and wats with the name?


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I don´t know actually, it even COULD be run by one of the stars´agents. There are a couple of celebrity boards, so the site is not only about Justin. But Justin is one the few celebrities who frequently post there and I think he pays for it (for his board) and is the admin. I have no idea why it´s called safesearching, though.:confused:


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Re: Bride of Ida Summary and Discussion

I merged the two threads since they were both about the same thing.


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Re: Bride of Ida

wando said:
haha, maybe shes found a really rich lesbian, and with all these gay marriages going on, maybe they want to make a point of it?!?!
i dunno!

Either way, it'd have to be something/someone she built out of dismembered body parts. Remember, the last guy she tried to marry she had to keep drugged!


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i cant believe reese might be getting married!:eek: it just seems so....weird and unlike him lol. although maybe they're tryin to make him more grown up and mature....