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To maintain forum discussion and keep you up to date, we set automatic Daily Email Notifications for threads that you reply to or create.

Meaning you get an email, once a day, only if someone has responded to something you posted. Useful right?

I want to stop the Emails!

No problem! Go to
Subscriptions > Tick the Threads > Select 'Delete Subscription' > Click 'Go' > Done

Turn off Automatic Thread Subscriptions

Go to Options > Select 'Do not subscribe' > Bottom of the page click 'Save Changes' > Done

This means you won't automatically get email updates for threads you respond to in the future.

Automatic email subscriptions apply to new users from March 2010

I want the Email Notifications!

Great! If you signed up before March 2010 you're not currently getting automatic email notifications.

Go to Options > Select 'Daily email notification' (or instant/weekly) > Bottom of the page click 'Save Changes' > Done


Sounds like a great feature, and if people think it is or becomes a nuisance, they have ample information to change it thanks to your description. I hope this will stimulate discussions, and make new members hang around longer :thumbup: