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    Big Words, a Town in Wales, and a Crazed Mod.

    If Craig were here, I bet he'd be able to finish it! Hmm, wonder if Craig is a kind of proto Malcolm that didn't achieve critical IQ?
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    Another weird episode Idea

    I just had an interesting idea for an episode. One of you guys with the creative talents may find this idea interesting. Somehow, maybe something Malcolm does or possibly Dewy, the entire family is pulled through some kind of temporal anomaly and wind up....... On The Set Of Macolm In The...
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    I have a question about Craig

    I've been wondering this for quite a while now, but I need to know, or at least I need to ask the opinions of others. Craig Feldspar, is it just me, or does his personality bear a terrible resemblance to comic Book Guy from The Simpsons? Thinking about it logically, theyre both parodies of...
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    What If Reese had stayed in the army?

    Watching Reese joins the army got me thinking. He showed a high aptitude for military thinking, especially after he was caught and had to think for himself. Imagine if he had'nt panicked and ran when he landed in Iraq, what would he have become? Would he have matured like Francis? Would he...
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    A silly idea

    I have an idea to get people's creative muscles exercised. What would happen if Reese was mistakenly admitted into Hogwarts on a scholarship? Lets see what you guys can cook up with that idea.
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    an idea for an episode

    Its just the barest of bones, but how does this sound? Dewy begins to have an imaginary friend (I know its a little late in life, but Dewy is rather eccentric), all progresses as normal, until the new kid shows up in school, his family have just moved into the neighbourhood. The weird...
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    I Think That Francis and Piama Should Get Their Own Spin Off Show!

    I have been watching Malcolm in the Middle since it was first aired over here in the UK. Its a very well written and humerous programme, at present, my favourite characters are Francis and Piama who I dont think get enough on screen time to deveop fully. The relationship between these two...