Jane Kaczmarek in 'Vice Versa' (1988)

Jane Kaczmarek in 'Vice Versa' (1988)

A comedy about a father (Judge Reinhold) and a son (Fred Savage) switching bodies. Jane played the divorced mom. Screen caps by Richiepiep.
From Entertainment Weekly, August 16, 2005:

[SIZE="3"]Rockin' Roles[/SIZE]

These past films and TV series will show you a different side of Teri Hatcher, Zach Braff, Marcia Cross, and the other 2005 Emmy comedy nominees - By Michael Slezak

Check out the Emmy comedy nominees' memorable past roles.

[SIZE="2"]Jane Kaczmarek[/SIZE]

Nominated as

Lois, the frazzled, often frenzied mother of five high-strung boys on Malcolm in the Middle.

Also memorable as

Robyn, the more relaxed mother of just one boy (Fred Savage, left) in 1988 body-swap comedy Vice Versa.

What you'll recognize

Kaczmarek excels at exuding maternal energy, worrying over the details of her son's schedule as she leaves him with estranged hubby Judge Reinhold for a week.

What you won't

Maybe it's because she spends most of the movie on vacation from motherhood, but Robyn is missing the explosive edge of the volcanic Lois.

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