Hank & Marie Schrader's house.

Hank & Marie Schrader's house.

4901 Cumbre del Sur Court, Albuquerque
Is this what is called an adobe-style house? Also Jesse and Jane's house looks a bit like one. Nice to see that regional architecture.
You see a lot of that in and around Albuquerque.

One of the things I didn't notice until recently is that they actually filmed in this house as well. All the Hank / Marie indoor scenes, or at least most, seem to be on location.

It's funny how fast they can go from one to another location in the show. Especially from Hank’s house to Los Pollos is quite a drive IRL. Hank’s house is fairly close to the mountain while Los Pollos is on the other side of the river, outside of town on a remote location with only the road and some businesses areas. I understand they wouldn’t show a boringly long drive but still it all seems very close by.

Only Walt's house is realistically close to the bars he visits, Saul’s office and the car wash.

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