[flv:https://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/video/erik/Erik-Per-Sullivan-Film-Kamikaze-Beethoven-MITMVC.flv 550 300]

Erik Per Sullivan starred in the short film Kamikaze Beethoven, he plays Dave a 13 year old headed down the wrong path, then…well I’d watch the film above and see!

Many thanks to raymanasdf for discovering this independent film. Its written and directed by Josh Janowicz and I guess it was filmed in 2006. But surprisingly its only come to my attention in recent months. Its produced by 72nd Street Productions who have connections with the University of Southern California (USC) where Erik is currently studying theatre.

Dave is a 13 year old eight grader headed down the wrong path, at school, and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  The occasional pot smoking doesn’t help matters.  One day after school, Dave is approached by a shady looking fellow (Eric Szmanda) on a bicycle claiming he “knows him”.  Scared of the man’s appearance and approach, Dave runs away. The following morning, Dave is getting ready for school.  After a shower, he returns to his room to find the SAME MAN in his room!  Dave is terrified and goes for a antique sword hanging on his wall.  Dave is about to cut the man’s head off when the man, inexplicably, starts telling Dave secrets about himself that no one else could possibly know.  Through a series of questions, the man convinces Dave the he is him– from the future! For the next few days, Dave speaks with Future Dave about what the next fifteen years of his life will be like.  Not surprisingly, Dave finds out his future looks bleak.  As a result, Dave decides to turn his life around.

Source: 72ndstreetproductions.com & treehouse-ent.com | Thanks raymanasdf