Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)Frankie Muniz is in the December issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids with a quick interview about Basketball.

Frankie Muniz
Actor, Malcolm in the Middle, and professional race car driver

Favorite team: Los Angeles Clippers
Favorite athlete: Corey Maggette
Favorite memory: Watching the Clippers beat the Heat in double O.T. at the buzzer!
Favorite piece of team clothing: I have a Clippers jersey with my name on the back that I wear to most of the games.
How did you become a fan?: I grew up watching sports with my dad. I also played basically every sport when I was a kid.
Ever painted your face?: Not yet, but I plan on it this year.
Would you trade places with an athlete?: Yes. I think all actors want to be athletes and all athletes want to be actors.
Game/Event I wish I saw: Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals in 2006, even though the Clippers lost.”

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