Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)

Here at the VC we dislike Perez Hilton, however if he reports on the Malcolm cast we will comment. He has added his usual sleazy graffti to the above image and says:

Showing some skin! Frankie Muniz is ready to play with some balls!

The Malcom in the Middle alum, wearing an LA Clippers jersey, had lunch with a friend at West Hollywood cafe La Conversation on Saturday. Muniz has recently given up acting in the hopes of being an amateur race car driver.

He’s kinda hot – if you like guys that look like they do lots of meth and should be on an episode of Cops! Frankie and Aaron Carter should be BFFs!

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)

Perez comments again:

What star was able to score this fine ass pussy??? Aren’t these ladies keepers????

It’s Malcolm in the Middle alum Frankie Muniz, leaving Hyde [West Hollywood Club] with some hos on Monday night. Who would have guess?

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