Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) TMZ Tattoo

Frankie Muniz is hardcore! Let’s count the ways …

Ironic hipster t-shirt? Check. Hideously tatted-up arms? Check. Shaved head and funky facial hair? Check.

Walking cliché former child star? Check.


What can I say? They have just about everything wrong, Frankie is the complete opposite the a ‘cliche former child star’

T-shirt is just a t-shirt! 2 small tattoos on the inside of his arm, hideous? His head isn’t shaved its just cut a little short and little facial hair – so what?

As for the comments on the TMZ post – the ZERO tattoo stands for his zero tolerance’s on drugs and alcohol and he isn’t trying to be a movie/TV star he’s excelling in pro racing!

TMZ are idiots? Check.

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