Research from Department of Psychology at University College London says that advertisers will sell more stuff if their commercials run during innocuous family-fare programmes rather than sexually charged shows, suggests the new research into the effects of erotic programming on viewers’ response to ads.

The implication is that advertisers do not spend their money well if they buy space during programmes with high sexual content.

The studies involved 60 university students (30 men and 30 women) aged 18 to 31, mean age 21, who were divided into four groups. One group saw an overtly sexual episode of “Sex and The City”, which had sexy adverts running during the programme breaks. Another saw the same episode with non-sexual adverts. The other two groups saw an episode of “Malcolm in the Middle” which contained no sexual references, with either sexual or non-sexual adverts.

Brand recall for advertisements was ‘hindered’ by sexual content of programmes, suggesting there is something particularly involving or disturbing about sexual programmes.


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