February 10, 2004 - The Museum of Television and Radio, Beverly Hills, CA

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February 2, 2004

hey whats up everyone.

woah its been one long month. we are shooting the 100th episode of "malcolm in the middle". its called "reese's apartment" and guess what...i move out ... but only for a week. i do something really bad on the show, which causes a flight between lois, hal and me, which then makes me move out. its going to be funny (well i hope)

we are really excited about the 100th episode, and are doing alot of press for it. i taped the "sharon osbourne show" this week (which will air march 12th) and i will be doing alot of interviews over the next couple weeks.

i havent had too much time to just sit and relax. i have been trying to answer some emails, but it has been hard. thanks "berfield babes" for their questions (ALL OF THEM) i will get them done as quickly as i can...i promise.

well, everything else is cool i think. diva the big boxer is no longer small. she is crazy. she tried to bite our gardner the other day. she is growing up so quickly- and isnt quite as nice as she used to be. (oh well- i guess i may have to get another dog, to calm her down)

everything is cool here in la and i am looking forward to my trip to europe this spring. i have a huge list of places i want to go. i hope i can fit it all in. well, make sure you watch the super bowl. i think i might try and go again this year, but im not sure.

have a good week - guess what ill be 18 on feb 25th - isnt that awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

talk to you guys later


and that address again is po box 900 beverly hills ca 90213

(just in case you didnt get it before.)