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Monster in the middle

MAL-CONTENT Sitcom star Frankie has few fans on the set, says a source

Stuck-up sitcom star terror on set

MALCOLM in the Middle star Frankie Muniz is at the center of a controversy that has co-workers on the set calling him a real-life brat!

Sources say the success of the show and Muniz' s Emmy nomination for best actor in a comedy turned him into a teen tenor. "Frankie gets away with murder," one insider reveals. "He's the star, and it's all gone to his head. Whatever he wants, he gets, and it's rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. He's a spoiled brat." Among the demands Muniz, 15, insists upon are a practice putting range near his trailer so he can play golf like his idol, Tiger Woods.

"Frankie's a showoff, and he dares anyone to play him;' says the insider. He says: 'I'm so good, people are calling me Tiger!" He is also putting on airs by insisting on taking a limo to work. "He wants to be chauffeur driven when people are watching him," says a source. "It's for his image. He likes people to see him getting into the limo."

His TV mom Jane Kaczmarek, 45, who also got an Emmy nod, seems to have noticed the change. "Frankie was a real sweet boy when we started the show," says Kaczmarek, sarcastically adding: "and now he's a few years older." Kaczmarek recently missed a week of work, complaining of migraine headaches. Some said it was a bargaining ploy to get more money. But another source wonders: "Frankie could have been the one causing those headaches for Jane. Muniz also likes to torment his TV brothers Francis, Reese and Dewey, say sources. "Frankie has ice cream delivered every day," says another source. "He likes to eat the cones in front of the other boys, saying: "Yum, this is so good. Too bad you can't have any:" - JENNIFER PEARSON