Malcolm in the Middle Season 5 preview, about episodes "Vegas" (5x1), which aired on November 2, 2003, in which baby Jamie's sex was revealed, and "Thanksgiving" (5x4).

Full text:

"LOIS (JANE KACZMAREK) gave birth in last season's cliff-hanger, and we'll find out the baby's sex in the opener's first minute. Creator Linwood Boomer's lips are sealed, except to say "it will have something down there that's totally shocking." Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) will get a job working for his mom on the drugstore loading dock, and "we have a great one that involves Las Vegas and the world's fattest rabbit," says Boomer. "Come on, it writes itself." As if that weren't enough, "we're going to combine all the Afterschool Specials into one episode. It's our Thanksgiving episode—the drunken under-age-sex holiday spectacular." Sounds heartwarming. (Nov. 2)"

Scan by tjpeople from a fan's scrapbook.