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Thread: Family Guy!!!

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    Default Family Guy!!!

    I am going to follow Dave's advice and post my ideas for what we should turn the board to once MITM ends. Since we want to keep it focused on FOX, I propose we do Family Guy stuff. Why? Well, I think this is one of the funniest damn animated shows out there, and it is really popular so we don't have to worry about cancellation(at least for a few years). Most of you know that I love Family Guy because of my "Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!" fanfic(which I am going to finish completely soon!)
    If you haven't seen it, it focuses on a family in Rhode Island named the Griffins. There is Peter, the dad of the family and frankly a total dumbass, there's Lois his wife, their kids Chris(who is also a dumbass), Megan(the unpopular girl), and the baby Stewie(who is 100 times smarter than Peter and bent on world domination). Last but not least, there is Brian, the family dog who can talk and is also 100 times smarter than Peter.
    Go check out an episode on Sundays on FOX.
    Now, does this mean we should turn our backs on MITM completely? Heaven forbid. It's just that we need something to attract new people when MITM ends in May.

    The Griffins!

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    Default Re: Family Guy!!!

    Awesome show, I used to watch the first episodes, but it wasn't that popular over here and got dumped quite fastly. Actually they broadcast it again, but they do it at 2 am or something, so that nobody is able to catch it .

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    Default Re: Family Guy!!!

    Until quite recently the Simpsons was my favourite programme of all time, but in my opinion the quality of the humour used has been dumbed down to the point where I just don't find it funny any more.
    While I agree that Family Guy is one of the funniest programmes around, I don't think it should be dragged out as long as the Simpsons has been, to avoid it becoming 'stale'.

    For UK viewers Family Guy is currently being shown on BBC2 at about midnight, after American Dad. I forget which day it's on.

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    Default Re: Family Guy!!!

    i think that it should still be focused on mitm but not as much it could be on all of FOX's shows i dont really watch family guy is i dont know when it is on in the uk ( i dont have sky) does anyone know if it is on earlier then midnight? i have freeview
    (im not alllowed sky because ill watch tv all the time)

    Reese: Well today my mom lost her mind

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