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Thread: Season 7 on Sky One!

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    It wont be on the BBC (if ever ) for 2 years prob. SKy will have to pay alot for shows so quick.

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    i dont kno if this information is anything to do with this, but:

    11.21.02 - Variety reports FX has picked up the cable syndication rights to 20th's Malcolm in the Middle for a reported $600,000 per ep (88 episodes at the end of this season), as well as give back a minute and a half per episode in barter, a practice very common to broadcasters but not so common on the cable side. Fox begins its five year deal, potentially to be expanded as more seasons are produced for Fox, in 2007. (Broadcast syndication deals for Malcolm begin in 2004.)

    info from:

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    That's good, but it might be outdated now it 2006, Happy New Year!
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