I got an idea for Francis
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Thread: I got an idea for Francis

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    Default I got an idea for Francis

    He becomes an auto mechanics teacher at the boys school.

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    Default Re: I got an idea for Francis(Tell me if it sucks or doesnt)

    As with any story line, it may or may not suck, depending on what you do with it. Tell us some more about your idea - what kind of storylines can we expect - etc.

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    Default Re: I got an idea for Francis

    Well, we have Herkibey who will be friends or enemies with Francis.Francis could be fair to the boys(who will be pissed because they dont like teh nice Francis).Use your imagination

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    Default Re: I got an idea for Francis

    Not a bad idea. We know that francis likes kids because we've seen him working with them in several eps. Only a couple problems with that--do we know if Francis knows how to work on cars? It seems like I remember that he couldn't figure out what we wrong with his car when it broke down in the episode where he met Otto (Zoo? Can't remember..) Second, I'm pretty sure you have to have a college degree to be a teacher and Francis doesn't even have a high school diploma. Unless he got his GED. Maybe that's what he's been doing all this time that he's been missing. It would be a nice if he could get a job closer to home so they could incorporate him in more eps this season though.

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    Default Re: I got an idea for Francis

    If you are talking about an ideal job for francis, i reckon he should be a gym teacher at an elementary school. The kids think he's annoying so they throw dodgeballs at him. That would be good!! I also see him as a youth worker (someone who works with kids/teens or youths)
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