Piama's New Movie
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Thread: Piama's New Movie

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    Default Piama's New Movie

    "Kids in America" opens tonight nationwide in USA. It stars Emy Coligado (Piama from MITM)

    Written and directed by Josh Stolberg this looks to be a teen movie.

    A review of the movie can be seen on NY Times website: http://movies2.nytimes.com/mem/movie...021&oref=login

    And further details about the title can seen seen on IMDB.com. An image from the movie is also attached.

    If you see this movie at the cinema, feel free to share your thoughts here.

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    Default Re: Piama's New Movie

    First I've heard about this new film. Thanks for the info Dewey. I think Emy's a terrific actress and I can see her in both comedy and drama, equally as good in both.

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    Default Re: Piama's New Movie

    Ooh thank you for that. Also thanks for the choice of title, I wasnt even sure of her real name until just now.

    I would really like to see her in something else so fingers crossed I get to do just that soon.

    Reese; "Oh, man. Two guys as your parents, that house has gotta be a dudes paradise."

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