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Thread: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 8

    I like it you have really made the caractars seem like they really are in there own showsIts great

    Reese: Well today my mom lost her mind

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 8

    28 views and 2 replys!? What happened to my please read AND reply request
    But Vinnymonster and han_keep_smilin, thanks very much for replying. It means much.

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 8

    Well done Tony, keep up the good work -- I look forward to a part 9.

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 8

    Just read the previous instalments in the archives. You have got something good here

    The only thing is, when I see it in my mind, the Griffins are being played by real people, for instance, Peter is being played by James Belushi, but thats just me
    Why is he smoking two cigarettes?

    Those are his Eyes!

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 9

    NOTE* I should stop saying this, but.....if you read this fanfic and are a member of the MITM voting community, PLEASE REPLY!!!!! Thanks to those who have done so on previous installments. Anyway, on to the fic!.............................................. .................................................. ...
    .................................................. .................................................. ...
    It is late Monday night at the Wilkerson household. Reese and Chris are still "training" in the garage(see previous chapter). The training consists of Chris doing pushups and Reese eating a sandwich and telling him the "correct" way to do a pushup. Lois W. and Lois G. are sitting a distance apart in the living room, reading magazines until the doorbell rings.

    Lois W: I wonder who that is?(she gets up and goes and opens the door. A police officer is standing there with a half sober Hal and Peter(see last chapter).
    Officer: Ma'm, do these two men live here?
    Lois W: Well, yeah but what is this about?
    Officer: These two men were out drunk in public and were chasing a guy down the street calling him a "communist".(see last chapter)
    Hal: He wash on our turf.
    Peter: Yeeeahh(peter is a little more drunk still than Hal is)
    Lois W. is already getting that angry look on her face.
    Officer: These two guys are lucky that man didn't want to press charges. They wont have to go to jail. But here is the ticket.(he hands in to Lois who, after reading the cost, gets even angrier.)
    Lois W(with red shaking face but trying to keep a kind voice): Thank you officer.....
    The officer leaves Hal and Peter on the doorstep. Lois W. is completely pissed.
    Hal+Peter together: oh crap.......
    Minutes later....
    Peter and Hal, now almost completely sober, are sitting in chairs with their heads down while Lois W. and Lois G. stand over them.
    Hal+Peter(just like kids would do): Were sorry.........
    Lois W: Hal, you are sooo lucky I
    Lois G(in the middle of Lois W. sentence): Peter you are going to be....
    Lois W: Excuse me, but I was talking to my husband.
    Lois G: Well, excuse ME for not "talking" to my husband like you!
    Lois W: Well, EXCUSE ME for butting in on your glorious little scold!
    They start bickering back and forth to each other. Hal and Peter are just sitting there. Peter leans over to Hal.
    Peter(whisper): Twenty bucks on your wife winning if theres a fist fight.
    Hal(whisper): I got twenty on your wife.
    Peter(whisper): Your on.
    Hal and Peter start to watch the bicker very intently.
    Lois W: You think your a better artist than me!? PLEASE!
    Lois G: Yeah, I am!
    Lois W: There's an art competition tommarow at the city auditorium! I challenge you to an art duel!
    Lois G: Youre on!
    Meanwhile in the garage....
    Chris is running against a wall, bumping himself against it.
    Chris: How does this help me, master?
    Reese(drinking a coke and laying on a bench): It just does....umm....just keep going, young apprentice!
    Christ just keep running against the wall. Stewie walks in there.
    Stewie: what the heck is all this?
    Reese: Im teaching him how to fight.
    Stewie(sees chris running against the wall and starts to giggle but suppress it): Well, keep it up Chris!(he runs away and laughs.chris heard it)
    Chris(stops running against the wall): you know what, master Reese, this is all useless! I have to fight the popular guy tommarow!
    Reese get a serious face and walks up to Chris. Here comes a "Karate Kid" moment. Reese kicks at Chris's crotch, but Chris blocks it. Reese yells out the name of the move.
    Reese: Nut-cruncher!
    Reese then throws a punch Chris's nose, but Chris blocks it.
    Reese: Nose-a-fractor!
    Reese then tries to stomp Chris's toes, but Chris blocks than.
    Reese: No mo toes!
    Reese then stands there. Chris is amazed.
    Chris: Wow, how did I do that?!
    Reese: you believed in yourself, young apprentice. Now, you try to do those moves on me.
    They walk to a open area of the garage. Chris gets ready to fight, but Reese slaps his head.
    Chris: What was that for?!
    Reese: Bow to your sensei!
    Chris bows.
    Reese: Thats better. Now, come at you!
    They start fighting, and a stupid 80's song plays(if youve heard it before, tell me the name)
    song:Im the best of the battle! Nothings ever gonna bring me down! Im the best of the battle! Nothings ever gonna bring me dooowwwnnn! you try your best to win them all but one day time will tell, when I get to the top and reach the final bellllll!!! Im the best of the battle! Nothings ever gonna bring me down!
    The whole time the song plays, they are fighting with different moves. They finally stop. Reese and Chris had both landed some blows and such.
    Reese: You have done well, young apprentice.(he gets a yoda voice) Your training is complete...hahahha! I always wanted to do that!
    Chris: Think I can beat the popular boy?!
    Reese: Yeah! Kick his punk ass!
    They do one of those weird handshakes.
    Meanwhile, in the house.....
    Malcolm and Megan are sitting in the boy's room. Malcolm is helping Megan with her math homework.
    Malcolm: And e2z doesn't equal x2v because e2z has to be parallel to...
    Megan(not paying much attention): I cant stand that girl Molly at school.
    Malcolm(with that wierd look): Okkayy....anyway, e2z has to equal....
    Megan: I cant stand her! She goes around all like shes the prettiest person on earth and I cant stand it!
    Malcolm(to camera): Great, now I gotta solve this problem somehow. I hate being so smart. (To megan now): Why dont you just..do something?
    Megan: Like what?
    Malcolm: I dont know..ruin her dress...somehow..umm....I guess.
    Megan: Of course! I have a great idea! Thanks Malcolm!
    She hugs Malcolm. He gets that smartass look.
    Malcolm: Well, I am a problem solver.
    Meanwhile, in the living room....
    Brian is grading homework. There is paper everywhere that he has to grade before school the next morning.
    Brian: How can I do this?! Dammit!!!
    Dewey is standing nearby. He gets an idea.
    Dewey: Just to make it fair, how about you give everyone an A?
    Brian: I cant do that! And some of these papers definatly dont deserve an A. Like this one, that belongs to a mr Michael Hitchens...
    Dewey: Oh, him. He's and idiot.
    Brian: Yeah. Listen to this question and his answer: "Who is the first president of the U.S." His answer: "Who is US?"
    Dewey: Sounds like Michael. But still, why not give everyone an A? Your job would be easier.......
    Brian: Well, thats true..and Im getting tired...oh what the heck!
    He starts marking an A on every paper without reading it or anything. He does the same to Dewey's work. Dewey smiles and walks away.
    Brian: HA! There we go! That solves that problem. What can bad can happen now?!
    .................................................. ....................................
    End of part 9. All of the decisions made in this part relate to the next part! Hope that this part wasn't too short, I tried to make it shorter than the previous 2 chapters. Please if you read than REPLY! Stay tuned for part 10 soon!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 9

    Its really good cant wait for part 10 keep it up its great

    Reese: Well today my mom lost her mind

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 9

    MORE! Really enjoying this storyline you got going. Keep it up
    Why is he smoking two cigarettes?

    Those are his Eyes!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 9

    Same here, I enjoy reading these, you clearly spend alot of time on them and it shows!

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 10

    NOTE* I sure hope everyone appreciates this part. This is my 3rd attempt to post it. The first time I tried, my computer froze, last night when I tried it kicked me off of aol(when I was just about done with the story). So please enjoy this story. I went through a bunch of trouble getting it up. Please read AND REPLY. Thanks and enjoy......................
    .................................................. .................................................. ....
    It is Friday morning at the Wilkerson household. Everyone is rushing about the house getting stuff for school, or in Hal's case, work. Lois W. took off of work so she could go to the art competition against Lois G.(see last chapter). Brian and Dewey headed to the Griffins car. Malcolm, Reese, Chris, and Megan started walking to the high school.
    On the sidewalk...
    Malcolm and Megan are walking regularly and talking. Reese and Chris are joggin down the street. Reese is rubbing Chris's shoulders like a boxing coach.
    Reese: Today's the big day! You ready for the fight?
    Chris: I guess.
    Reese slaps his head.
    Chris: OW! Sorry...yes, I am ready, sensei.
    Reese: Good!
    Malcolm(to camera): I sure hope Chris is ready. If he isn't, Bill is gonna beat his ass.
    They continue to the school, with Reese and Chris still jogging.
    At the middle school...
    Brian and Dewey are walking inside of the school. Brian has the graded paper from the previous night.
    Brian: You know Dewey, Im glad I took your advice and gave all the papers an A(see last chapter). It made my job easier.
    Dewey: I told you it would.
    Brian: Let me drop these off.(he drops the papers off in a tray in front of Principal Forkoner's office.)
    Brian: Alright, lets get to the class.
    At the high school...
    Bill Boffins is already waiting for Chris to show up. He is standing in the courtyard cracking his knuckles. A small group of students have already gathered for the fight. Malcolm, Reese, Chris, and Megan show up.
    Chris: Oh man...
    Reese: Well, here we are! Dont worry apprentice!(Reese gets his yoda voice) The force is with you...HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
    Chris: Is this the time to make jokes?
    Reese: Hey, who's grand master here?
    Chris:"Sigh" you are...
    Reese: Damn skippy. Now, lets get over there.
    As they are walking over to Bill, Megan starts to slinker away.
    Malcolm: Where are you going? Your not going to watch the fight?
    Megan: Im gonna do something.
    She goes into the crowd that has gathered. Chris has now walked up to Bill.
    Bill: So, the guiena pig is here at last.
    Reese: HA! Chris has picked up a few tricks,"Bill".
    Bill:We'll see about that!
    Reese: Well, good luck champ!(he pats Chris on the shoulder and goes into the crowd.)
    Chris: uh...master...
    Bill: Eat this!
    He charges at Chris, but all of a sudden, Chris gets an idea. He ducks down when Bill gets close.
    Chris: Nut cruncher!
    He punches Bill in the crotch.
    Bill: AGGGHAHGH!!! You bastard!
    Reese(yelling out): FINISH HIM OFF!
    Chris gets back a bit, then he charges at Bill. Chris does the ultimate nut cruncher. He runs up and kicks Bill HARD in the crotch.
    Bill falls down, clearly defeated. Chris is now smiling, as people start to clap and cheer.
    Reese(slaps Chris's shoulder): Good work, young apprentice!
    While this is going on, Megan has slipped up behind the popular girl, Molly(see last chapter). Megan has a bottle of ketchup in her hand. She shakes it up, opens it, and sprays Molly's dress with the ketchup.
    Molly: AHHHH! What the....YOU?!!
    Megan backs up to where Malcolm is standing.
    Malcolm: oh boy.....
    Bill has now recovered a little bit.
    Bill(to some of his friends): GET ALL FOUR OF THEM!!!
    Molly's friends: We'll help!
    Chris: What now?!
    Malcolm: RUN!!!
    Malcolm, Reese, Chris, and Megan start running down the street. Bill's friends and Molly' friends are chasing them. In all, there are twenty people on their ass.
    Meanwhile, at the middle school...
    Brian is joking around with his class. He has now lightened up to them and is enjoying his job.
    Brian: Alright, we have to continue the lesson from yesterday with...
    Intercom: Will Mr.Brian please come to the principal's office right now?
    Brian: Huh. Ok, Ill go check on that. While Im gone, Dewey is in charge.
    Brian goes out and down the hall to Principal Forkoner's office. He knocks on the door.
    P.Forkoner: Come IN!!!
    Brian goes in. As soon as Forkoner sees Brian, Forkoner's face get red.
    P.Forkoner: YOU!!!!
    Brian: What is it?
    P.Forkoner: What WERE you THINKING?!
    Brian: Huh?
    P.Forkoner: THESE!(he has the graded papers in his hand.) YOU gave THESE ALL A'S!!!
    Brian(in his head): oh crap...
    P.Forkoner: If the SCHOOL BOARD knows I HIRE dishonest TEACHERS, my ASS is GRASS!!!
    Brian: Sorry...
    P.Forkoner: SORRY?! IM gonna KILL YOU!!
    Brian bolts out of the office and back to his classroom. He runs inside and closes and locks the door.
    Brian: That was close! Dewey, we have to get out of here NOW!
    Dewey: Why? Whats going o..
    All of a sudden, the door is broken down. P.Forkoner is standing there, red in the face and foaming at the mouth. He is holding a chair in his hands.
    P.Forkoner: You CANT ESCAPE!
    He starts to chase Brian around the classroom, swinging the chair and barely missing Brian and students in the class. Forkoner then backs Brian into a corner with no escape.
    Brian: Oh no...
    P.Forkoner: Take THIS!
    He raises the chair, but all of a sudden, he is hit in the head and falls down to the floor. Dewey is standing there with a heavy book.
    Dewey: That felt good! I never liked him.
    Brian: Thanks Dewey. Now we have to get outta here. uh..class dismissed!
    Brian and Dewey bolt out of the class room and out to the car. Forkoner starts to recover. He is now extremely pissed.
    P.Forkoner: I NEVER LOOSE!!!
    At the Wilkerson house...
    Lois W. and Lois G. are sitting apart from each other in the living room. Lois W. checks her watch.
    Lois W: Almost time for the art competition. You ready to be beat?
    Lois G: PLEASE! Im going to be number one!
    They both head outside. Lois W. gets in her car. Lois G. gets Stewie and they get inside a taxi she ordered. They head off to the city auditorium.
    At the auditorium...
    Everyone is set up inside. there are about twenty competitors, including Lois W. and Lois G. They are all sitting at their paint stands with their paint and brushes.
    Announcer: Hello and welcome to the 2nd annual art competition! Today, out of all the paintings, our judges will pick the three best! But watch out! Two paintings will be selected as the worst! Good luck and you may begin!
    Everyone starts to paint. Lois W. and Lois G. are painting vigourisly. They also are throwing each other glares. Stewie is watching his mother paint.
    Stewie: What the deuce is that supposed to be?
    Lois G: A mountain, sweeite.
    Stewie: Really? I thought it was a turd. Oh yeah! I went there!
    30 minutes later...
    The painting has stopped and all the paintings are on a stage. The spectators and painters are all in a crowd below the stage. Lois W. and Lois G. are standing next to each other.
    Lois W: Ready to be beat by number one?
    Lois G: PLEASE! Youll be number two..no...THREE!
    Announcer: Its over and the judges have picked their favorites! Now, when I call your name, please come up here and stand next to your painting. Third place is....Terry Overwood!(she goes up there to hers.) Second place is...Brad Brooks!(he goes to his). And first place goes to...ANNA PLAKER!
    Anna runs to hers. Lois W. and Lois G. are standing there dumbfounded. They cant believe neither one of them won.
    Announcer: Thats not it! Now for the two poopers of the competition... Lois Griffin and Lois Wilkerson!
    As they go up to the stage, people lauge and yell stuff at them. Both of them are really mad. The announcer gives the other three painters blue ribbons, but when he gets to them, he gives them both brown ribbons that say,"better luck next time!"
    Announcer: Sorry! HAHHAA!!
    Lois W. and Lois G. look at each other for a second. But instead of a glare, they give each other a sly grin. They walk over to the other paintings, which are lined up on the stage like dominoes. Lois W. and Lois G. give each other a nod and push the first painting down. It goes like a chain reaction, knocking the others down along with it.
    Announcer: What the...? What the heck are you two thinking?! Guards, kick them out!
    Two security guards walk over and take them to the door and throw them out of the auditorium.
    Lois G: That didn't go like I thought.
    Lois W: Yeah...
    They both stand there a second, looking down.
    Lois W: Look, Im sorry for the way Ive been acting the whole time you have been here.
    Lois G: Dont apologize. I acted like a bitch.
    Lois W: I guess I did, too.
    Lois G: Yeah....
    They stand there. Stewie is looking back and forth.
    Stewie: Soo....are you two gonna make out now?
    Lois W: Come on. Lets get back to the house. We'll take my car.
    Lois G: Alright.
    They both get in the Wilkersons car and drive to the house.
    Meanwhile, on the street near the house...
    Malcolm, Reese, Chris, and Megan are still running down the road. The group of twenty people are just a little ways behind them.
    Malcolm: We are almost home!!!!
    Just when they get to the house, Brian and Dewey drive up. So do Lois W., Lois G., and Stewie.
    Lois W: What are all you kid doing home?
    Malcolm: GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!!!
    They see the group, now just down the street, and all of them rush inside the house and lock the door. Once inside, Reese looks out the windows.
    Reese: HA! Suckers!
    Malcolm: I wouldn't celebrate now! This isn't over yet!
    .................................................. ..................................................
    END of part 10. Hope you all enjoyed it! I have to admit this is probably my favorite part yet! Even though it took three trys to post it! Anyway, please leave a REPLY! Part 11 will be out soon!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 10

    As usual, you've delivered another slice of humerous mayhem, keep it up
    Why is he smoking two cigarettes?

    Those are his Eyes!

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